How to enable camera on laptop

Today almost all laptops have an integrated factory of the manufacturer of the camera through which we are able to communicate with our family and friends. But not all users know how to turn on camera on laptop? Typically, built-in video devices turn on yourself when you open a program that has access to a web camera such as Skype. But sometimes it is not. Why it happens and what to do?

camera on laptop

The easiest option how to enable camera on laptop using drivers

Going into the program, which works with a webcam, it is not included, possibly on the laptop just do not have the required driver. To check whether or not they have, open device Manager. To quickly open the Manager, press the keys Win+R. You will open a window where in the «Open» list devmgmt.msc. you will see a list of available devices where to find those that are marked with an exclamation mark in yellow.

Usually a camera can satisfy simultaneously several different drivers that must be installed. If in the list you have found a device marked with an exclamation mark painted in yellow, and names with the word Webcam, then you will need to install on your laptop the driver, which is required to enable and functioning of the camera. To begin, click on the device marked with the mouse, selecting «Update driver software».

to connect the camera

In most cases, the system cannot find the correct driver. To find all the required drivers go to the official website of the manufacturer, released your laptop. After installing it on your device, reboot the laptop. Now the camera should turn on automatically. If it doesn’t work now, then maybe the reason has to do with disabling in the device Manager.

Connect the camera using device Manager

To enable the webcam in the start menu find «control Panel», following the algorithm:

  1. Choosing the mode «View» set the «Category» and select «Hardware and sounds».
  2. Open the window «Devices and printers», find «device Manager», open it. This is the most common method of opening it, but if you are used to do it differently, you can use his method. For example, clicking the mouse on the icon «My computer», select «Properties» — «device Manager».
  3. Here we find «the Device for image processing, which is a web camera of your device. Check the icon for the webcam upside down arrow. If there is, then your camera is off. To fix this, click on it with the mouse (right click and select «Use».

how to connect the camera to the laptop

Additional keys

Sometimes the webcam can be enabled using additional keys. Inspect your keyboard. At the top there are F1, F2, etc keys at the Bottom of these you can see the blue icons that hide additional features. Among these icons, find the image of the camera. If you press with the Fn key, which is located on the side of the laptop or on the keyboard, the camera will turn on. But it applies to the older models, as in the latter models, the Fn button is often missing.

connected the camera to the laptop

If even after this you cannot turn on the camera, it’s likely the problem lies in it. You can try to connect it using usb.


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