How to update BIOS

Some PC users are faced with the need to update various programs and applications, for example, the BIOS of the motherboard. This procedure should be carried out correctly, otherwise it may cause problems in the operating system. In such situations, your motherboard may refuse to work, which would entail certain costs. So you need to know how to update the BIOS, that it was safe and did not affect the performance of your computer.


What and how to update the BIOS

Self-update procedure can be quite risky, because the lack of specific knowledge and skills may lead to failure of your PC. The main reasons why such a procedure is recommended, include:

  1. Unstable operation of the PC, which may arise due to errors in the code, your existing BIOS version. Violations in the work that require updating the BIOS, always visible. They usually manifest themselves in the inability to turn on the computer, malfunction of USB ports, inability to display image or just the screen turns blue. Such situations hinder the work on the PC, and the only way out is update the BIOS.
  2. The relevant recommendations of the manufacturer of software products. It helps to eliminate various problems and errors that give rise to unstable operation of your PC.
  3. The need to support newly installed on new PC components. Almost all recent versions of BIOS have hardware support, so in order to install on the PC motherboard, you need to update the BIOS.
  4. The need to support the new functions of the PC.

What and how to update the BIOS

The reasons for the updates is not recommended, include:

  1. There’s a new version of the program during normal operation, the old.
  2. The advice of a friend, who recently updated the BIOS.
  3. Have read or heard about the necessity of regular updates.

If your computer is working fine with no complaints from your side, then a BIOS update may be superfluous.

What to do before installing the updates

If you decide to update the BIOS, first we need:

  • find out who is the manufacturer of your motherboard;
  • define installed on your computer, BIOS version and revision of the motherboard.

To determine the revision need to examine the cost, where it is listed. Also this information you’ll find on the box or in the documents along with the fee at the time of its purchase.

revision of the BIOS

To know the version and the manufacturer will help the program EVEREST. It can be found on the Internet. The information you need look under «motherboard».

All this information will help you decide what you need.

BIOS update

To update the BIOS, use one of three ways: in DOS mode, Windows and the BIOS. Take a closer look.

Updates in DOS mode

Today, this method is not very common. For the software upgrade in DOS mode, you need to know not only the version but also the model and manufacturer of your BIOS. Files for the updates be found on the official website of the manufacturer who made your Board. Sometimes the website contains multiple files. In this case, choose the one, which stated that it is used for updates in this mode.

Updates in DOS mode

After that, you’ll need a bootable flash drive. There should be a file with BIOS, DOS, and utilities for the update.

The update in Windows mode

This method is much more popular than the previous one, since it is more simple and straightforward. To do this you need to find on the Internet and download on a PC, not only the file with the BIOS but also update it, as well as special software for firmware. Each manufacturer has its utilities are installed like regular programs. It is also possible to update the BIOS directly from the Internet site. The program automatically checks the BIOS file for compatibility.

The update in Windows mode

Update with BIOS

Typically, the BIOS has installed the proprietary utility which enable PC automatically download from the Internet and install the required updates. This update is used if the computer broke down, and run the operating system is not possible.

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