How to unlock phone forgot picture password?

Smartphone manufacturers are constantly inventing new means of protecting data from intruders. Graphical password (key) is one of the methods to keep the personal information if the phone fell into the wrong hands. But what if you do not remember your unique key? How to unlock phone forgot picture password? There are several ways to bypass the blocking graphic.


A phone call

The first method is simple and banal. You need to get your number to another phone and when you go horn, to accept the challenge. The screensaver with a password will disappear. Don’t hang up. Quickly go to «lock Screen» and disable pattern. Some phones prompt for turning off this protection key input, so this method is not for everyone.

If you desperate and willing to do anything to unlock the phone, try to call the number, and after the tube is removed, go to the menu and go back to factory settings smartphone. This erases all apps, photos and other files that were stored in the phone memory.


Google Account

You can try to enter the key many times. Sooner or later it will pop up a window where you should specify the username and password of Google account. The username is a set of letters before the @ symbol, words not required. If you enter the password, but the system doesn’t accept it, try to use the word null.

There is also another way to remove the password with Google. Sign in with your Google account and go to «Security». Select «two-factor authentication» and enter the password from the mailbox. The account must be tied to the mobile number if it is not, take care of it.

A Google Account

Go to the tab «app Passwords», click «Manage password». Again, type a sequence of characters. Then create a new app password. Write the name of the program, such as Skype or Viber» and click on the button «Create password».

Now the phone will request the password to unlock the screen. Enter it to enter the system. This method can be applied not for all phone models.


Hard Reset

If you have forgotten graphic combination, and none of the above methods did not help, it’s time to use the Hard Reset.

This is a sure-fire way of removing the graphics code. If you decide to use this method, remember that all the information will be lost. Hard Reset is a complete reset. The nuance is that the full system reset from the smartphones is different. This method always works, you only know the combination of buttons to open a menu. On some machines running the key combination «power Button» plus «to tone down» or «Add sound». Another combination – the button «Home», «to Reduce the sound/Add sound» and the power button. After starting the phone the keys are released.

Hard reset

To do the reset, unplug the phone. After that, go to the system menu of your smartphone, you just need to press a series of buttons on the unit. What buttons to clamp, you need to look on the Internet, putting the model of your phone and making a request for a theme reset.

In the menu select Wipe/Hard Reset. For this we use the buttons to adjust the sounds. Now reset the settings, reversing the system to the factory settings. Then find the item Reboot System, select to restart the system.

Graphic combination, which make life difficult for you, depart. The phone will turn on with the factory settings.

On the castle

If you forgot your key, use one of the methods listed above.

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