How to unlock the key?

The key is the blocking of most modern smartphones. The process is based on a combination of specific points in predetermined order. Often people wonder how to unlock the key.

Very often this is due to one of the two common cases – the owner of the phone could not forget this kind of password, or with a smartphone can play a child. The result is the same – after a few failed attempts, Android will be blocked.

how to unlock the key

The official method of solving the problem

Of course, the developers of the graphical keys has taken care to ensure that the hapless owners of smartphones could regain access to the Android. For this you need to use your Google-account. The main problem in this variant may consist in the fact that registration with the service, you must complete before you happen to lock.

Besides, often people forget the password not only on your own smartphone, but from a google account. However, it is worth to analyze everything step by step.

  • So, if the phone is tied to a Google account, then, failing to enter the correct key, you need to hold your finger any sequence.
  • Typically, you have five failed attempts before the device will show the words «Wait 30 seconds».
  • If this happens, you must wait 30 seconds.
  • At the end of the course will appear below the button «Forgotten password».
  • After clicking on it to print the username and password of Google account. If the smartphone owner does not remember them, it must restore the data using a personal computer.
  • If everything is entered correctly, the system will give the opportunity to create a new key or other password option.

Unfortunately, not all conduct preliminary reference mobile to the Google account and therefore this method is suitable not always.

30 seconds

Return to the factory condition

If you use the official method of solution of the situation, you should try to reset the smartphone to factory. It will have to get to the recovery menu. The main problem is that the phone will lose all files, like contacts, messages, photos, and other items.

But the reset works almost always. If a quick fix is more important than keeping information from your smartphone, follow the instructions below. They vary from different companies.

Work with Samsung:

  • For starters, you need to turn the device off. Sometimes you have to remove the back cover, remove and return the battery back in place.
  • After this, you leave hold the button increase the sound volume.
  • Then, you should do the same with the power key. This combination usually works for Galaxy S Plus, S3 and Nexus.
  • For Galaxy Mini and Fit have to Tinker with the Inclusion of and Central.
  • The right combination will have to keep until, until the smartphone vibrates.
  • Then will appear, where you will find wipe data/factory reset. If this is not visible at once, you can scroll using the button to increase/decrease the volume.
  • Just press on this line and mobile will disappear. It will be only that which was immediately after its acquisition.

In addition, owners of Samsung smartphones can create your own Samsung account. It will help anyone to solve the problem.


How to unlock the key help reset to zero Huawei:

  • All this works not at all.
  • You need to rearrange the battery.
  • To start have to hold down the Menu button, turn on and Increase volume.
  • When you open the search field, select the wipe data/factory reset.
  • Again, press Enable, and then «delete all user data».


Work with smartphones from Sony:

  • For these models require installation of specialized software on computer. It can be downloaded on the Internet, typing in the search the Sony Ericsson PC Suite.
  • Then you need to connect your device to PC.
  • Run the downloaded program.
  • It selects the item «Tools», and find «Restore data».
  • Further steps will tell the program itself. After performing all the instructions, your phone will be reset.


How to reset settings on smartphones from Asus:

  • The first step is similar to the standard process – you need to turn the device off.
  • The inclusion is made by pressed this button, and also button decrease the volume.
  • When I open the recovery menu, it will need to find words Wipe Data.
  • Clicking on this item will reset the phone.


Finally, to reset password in HTC will need to re-install the program to your computer. It is called HTC Sync. In addition, you need to download app Screen Lock Bypass.

  • You need to connect your mobile to the computer.
  • To enable the app.
  • To restart the phone.

This process of zeroing parameters is completed!


Methods of pretreatment

There are some specialized applications that can, if their pre-installed, easy to deal with the problem of the blocked key. For example, a lot of work with Aroma Filemanager. In this case, the desired data preliminary steps:

  • Configure mobile;
  • Install CWM or any other recovery menu.

If these conditions are met, it is possible to go to unlock the phone. This is done using the following method:

  • The first step is a call to the number 112.
  • Then there will be an access set a username and password.
  • Subsequently, you will have to download Aroma Filemanager in directory sDSCard3.
  • You must then restart the mobile.
  • If you are using CWM recovey menu, you must first click on the «Mount the partitions», and then turn on the program. If the regular menu, the process will occur at the path Menu-Settings-Mount All Partitions.
  • Then run the program.
  • Now we need to get to the Data, and then System.
  • Finally, you need to repair the file gestey.key and shut down the program.

All that remains is to restart the phone. Upon completion of the need in the output sequence will be lost.

Aroma Filemanager

Remove password using USB connection

To reset the key, to really appeal to PC and USB cable. It all starts with the run mode debug.

  • After this you need to download a utility Adb.
  • Its launch at the end of the debug smartphone.
  • Then you should find the command window. This is done via start – in the search string is typed in cmd.
  • Finally, will copy here the following lines.

adb shell

cd /data/data/

sqlite3 settings.db

update system set value=0 where name=’lock_pattern_autolock’;

update system set value=0 where name=’lockscreen.lockedoutpermanently’;


The process is completed reboot the device. If the command is correct, then the key will not appear. However, sometimes you have to use other codes, for example:

  • shellrm adb /data/system/gesture.key

This method again will need to pre-configure a phone.

the command row

How to unlock the key?

There are several substitute methods which, under favorable circumstances, will unlock the key. For example, on the phone you can just call. However, this will only work if the device does not usually require a password to answer a call.

  • So, you need to call on your phone and start a conversation.
  • In the process you need to go into Settings and find the box of the Locking device.
  • Here you choose «key». It needs to close.

There is another workaround that requires the ability to catch the right moment. It is based on the discharge process of the smartphone.

  • First and foremost, you need to wait a minimal amount of battery.
  • When this happens, the phone will periodically report on what is dying.
  • In that moment, when will be covered by such a message, you need to get to the power Settings.
  • Through this window you will be able to navigate to other settings, namely the security settings.
  • Here and be able to terminate the graphical password.

Finally, when nothing helps, there is only one solution – to turn to professionals. Most of all, to deal with the situation the necessary documents on your mobile. You need to be mentally prepared for data loss. Often employees eliminate blocking method reset.


Video instruction

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