How to understand that a guy likes you

Boys and girls in different ways to show their sympathy. Sometimes a girl can take flirtation for deep feeling, and sometimes, on the contrary, does not notice that someone long ago very cute. Therefore, each of the fairer sex is so important to know how to understand that the guy likes you.

Gestures and facial expressions

During communication people give each other nonverbal cues. Often this happens unconsciously. Taking note of some of the gestures you will be able to know what you like young man, even before he realizes it herself.

  1. When your eyes meet, his pupils dilate
  2. The guy stares at you, glancing from his lips to eyes. If a guy looks at your forehead while talking, it means he’s business interest
  3. If the young man nervously straightens her clothing, turns the button, so he’s afraid to look you stupid and sloppy. Your opinion is very important. If you also care about, compliment his shirt to relieve the tension. He will be in seventh heaven
  4. If it rubs the cheeks or the chin – he wants you to like her. But, unfortunately, does not know where to start
  5. If he keeps his hands on the belt, he wants to look respectable
  6. Touching hair – an unconscious signal, which indicates a strong liking. If the conversation the guy twirling his hair, he’s worried. If he accidentally touched your hair, you can be sure, he was passionately in love. The same applies to accidental touching of hands. Guy will not make your hand, if it happened. He will try to continue contact, with the thrill of taking your hand

Psychologists say that if a person is a pleasant conversationalist, it starts copying all his gestures, becoming a living mirror. If the kid repeats for you all the movements that he is so in love with you that is in a light trance.

How to understand that a guy likes you

The social network.

If he likes you, he will try to hold on to prey. So start tweeting becomes a young man, even if it is very modest.

  1. You go to your page, and there are already lit a few messages from a guy, but on your wall he posted a funny photo? He’s just crazy about you!
  2. If he welcomes you with a text message early in the day and closer to the night wished the same way a peaceful night’s sleep, he wants to be with you
  3. If the correspondence he learns about your interests, and then knocks on the wall song to your favorite artist for you, he ready for anything. But if the correspondence appear indifferent to the phrase «suit yourself», «I don’t care», then he’s lost interest

If he cares about you, he will find out the address of your page in some social networking, and email. So the guy is insured in the event that you remove the page from the network. He should be able to find you in the world wide web again, because he can not imagine his life without you.

How to understand that a guy likes you on the Internet

The behavior of the guy

The surest way to know that someone you care about to perform his actions. So, you turned the guy’s head off if:

  1. He tries to be there as often as possible
  2. Gives gifts that resonate with your passions
  3. Frequently calls and writes on social networks, makes the compliments
  4. He’s jealous of you
  5. Gently messing with you
  6. It protects you
  7. Carefully listens to you, in these moments, his mouth is open
  8. Helps to solve the problem
  9. It lifts your mood. He knows when you’re sad, and trying to do something nice
  10. He is absent-minded, when communicating with you
  11. The guy introduces you to friends, lets you in your life and wants you as long as possible
  12. Postpones the time of farewell and says that it’s already starting to get bored
  13. He sees no flaws in you, you are his ideal


If that guy likes you, look at him and analyze his actions. Perhaps it’s your destiny.

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