How to understand that a girl likes you?

Human relationships are incredibly complex issue, regardless of whether there are two people who have long been husband and wife, or even just a little familiar. In the initial stages it is difficult to determine what it feels like to another. So many wonder how to understand that a girl likes you?

how to understand that a girl likes you

First and foremost, is to accept the fact that even the most clear tips not guarantee that a woman really has a warm feeling. It can all of its kind to show sympathy, but in fact did not realize it, or, conversely, may do it on purpose, turning everything into a kind of game. Besides, each person is different, and it is hardly possible to create a clear statement on which it would be possible to read his feelings and emotions.

Find out exactly what’s going on in my head at the girl, probably just impossible, but there are certain signs by which can, at least, to think about what to ask her about her feelings.

Girl signs

If she often asks something about personal life, Hobbies and interests, is interested in many aspects, then it may be a sign that she likes the guy she says. But we must not forget that there are regular talkers are asking about everything just so. She may just trying to be polite, but in fact do not have a great desire to continue the conversation.

How to understand that a girl likes you? You need to pay attention to her other actions. For example, if some time after the story about a hobby, she herself began to deal with them, then it may be a way to attract a guy. However, one should not rule out the possibility that she just really interested in this hobby.

The girl who likes a guy who will not only ask him about everything, but enough to openly answer questions about yourself. If it is silent on personal matters, dodges, hardly has a warm feeling, though it may be not so. Maybe she’s just modest or the question was incorrect.

the conversation

Subtle hints

So, basically, men just cannot understand women’s hints. Despite the fact that women are aware of this fact, they persistently continue to subtly hint at his feelings, hoping that the chosen one is mysteriously able to understand them.

Among these hints – veiled request for help. She can say what she needed to do something heavy enough, but the trouble is, to help with this she has absolutely no one. A girl can ask for help and right, but it happens less often.

Another common hint is a phrase that she wants to go somewhere, but it with anyone. It is understood that in none of these situations do not just rejoice. It is not excluded that such phrases were not hints, but a very clear statement of fact. It is necessary to ask some probing questions to learn the truth.

girl asks for help

How to understand that a girl likes you?

This will help other people, without even waiting. First and foremost, is a friend lady. The girl almost always tells them about all your feelings against the guy, so if it is strange they begin to smile or behave unnaturally, it is a positive signal. However, there are women who prefer to keep emotions to themselves and not share them with anyone.

It is possible to learn something about feelings and just being in the team. If even around other people she still devotes much time to the guy, it speaks of warm feelings, but only in that situation, unless the two are good friends. To understand her emotions, to some extent, you can use eye contact and changes in its face.

friend hygicult

Social network

Incredibly controversial, but still a very important aspect. All girls can be divided into groups. First rush, albeit veiled, to share their feelings to the guy with the world. It can start to fast romantic pictures and quotes to put obscure statuses. Another group, on the contrary, anything does not allow it, and even being filled with warm feelings they can not Express in social networks. However, if the girl is a frequent guest on your page and don’t skimp on expletives, it is a good signal.

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