How to turn the screen on the laptop?

In the process of working with a computer or laptop can face a variety of challenges. Some of them handle only qualified, while others can be solved independently. For example, it is necessary to understand how to flip the screen on laptop.

how to flip screen on laptop

A similar problem occurs periodically due to accidental pressing of any keys. Often, if the laptop is sat people, have not encountered with such a technique, it may include something that is not needed. In addition, to flip the screen randomly gifted children or even Pets.

It is not necessary to panic. Although the monitor, as if fell on his head, and looks pretty weird to deal with such a problem is quite real at homewithout calling a technician. All you need is a little time, basic skills to operate such devices and, in fact, the victim laptop.

How to turn the screen on the laptop?

There are many ways to solve such problems. In addition, this option can be used intentionally for various purposes. So, how to turn the screen on the laptop?

  • It is very simple if the device’s operating system is Windows 7 or Vista. In this case, simply right click on any empty area of the desktop. This will bring up a context menu where you should select under «screen Resolution». Clicking on this phrase will lead to the appearance of the dialog box.
  • It is necessary to find the word «Orientation». Here and are functions of the rotation of the screen. You can select any among the proposed angle, and then just make the changes with the button OK.

screen resolution

A revolution in the laptop is able to pass even faster. To do this, find the item «graphics Settings» and choose «Rotate».

This operation will differ slightly if the notebook is running Windows XP. The fact that action will depend on the available graphics card. One of the most common is NVIDIA, so to flip the screen is to go to settings.

In the task list that are in the control panel of the graphics card, what is the point with the appropriate name – Turn dispela. The program will offer four possible locations. Will only have to choose an appropriate and confirm the changes.


In case if you have AMD, you will need to find its Control Center on the desktop. After launching it, click on the «Common tasks» display. It will be the graph, called the return Desk. After selecting the appropriate orientation need to click on Apply and confirm the changes.

For Windows XP there is another method. For it again you will need to work with the video card. It is necessary to find the icon in the system tray of your desktop. Pressing the right mouse will lead to the appearance of the window in which you need to choose the Parameters of rotation. After this you need to select the appropriate position and close the program.

Other ways

It is necessary to consider several possible methods yet to be released. First, almost any device can work with special shortcuts.

  • The combination of Alt, Ctrl and the down arrow will change the desktop 180 degrees.
  • If the latter will go up arrow, the screen will return to its initial position.

axis TSE povorot

The question of how to turn the screen on the laptop has already been solved for operating systems Windows 7 and Vista. The same instructions apply for Windows 8, but for the latest (as of 2016), Windows 10, need their own algorithm.

Consider two basic methods.

  • Need to go to the start menu and choose the graph control Panel.
  • In the opened window, select Configure screen resolution, which are at the point of Design and personalization.
  • Inside you need to pay attention to the stripe Orientation. Here, a dropdown box will offer several options from which to stay on the Landscape.
  • Then you need to click the Apply button. In the result window POPs up, follow up, save changes. Clicking the «Save» button to successfully change the screen.

The second method works with the screen settings.

  • In order to open them, it is necessary to click the right button on a free space on the desktop.
  • In the window is pressed the item «System».
  • It selects the parameter «Screen.
  • Here you can set the desired type of orientation, but also change the size of text and other elements.
  • After configured all the necessary, it only remains to save the changes and exit the program.

Some modern laptops are equipped with automatic coup in the case when changing the position of the device in space. If this does not suit the owner, then display Settings, he can disable this feature.

rotate screen


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