How to tune a guitar beginner?

Music school gives its students a variety knowledge. In addition to directly play on some instrument, teaching people to take care of it, in particular – to carry out the adjustment. But what about those who decided to devote himself to music alone? How to tune a guitar beginner?

how to tune a guitar beginner

When training with the teachers of the future musicians share the configuration process with the help of the ear or using the piano. It takes time and experience, so beginners usually prefer other methods. For such often require special equipment that not every self-taught.

How to tune a guitar beginner?

To tune your guitar manually, you can use a large variety of tools. It can be as simple tools and special equipment and even computer programs. It is necessary to consider methods of use of the common configuration tools.

  • Tuning fork

This tool appeared in the early eighteenth century. Its name translates from German as «room sound». A tuning fork produces a particular note of the «reference height». By itself, it is called a tuning fork. Similar products play the note La of the first octave to a frequency of 440 Hz. With the help of a tuning fork tune not only guitars, but almost any tools. In addition, it is used to control the chorus.

There are two types of tuning forks and wind and fork. The most common second option. They hit a surface (sometimes just snap your fingers) and the sound compare with the first string, sandwiched on the fifth fret. If it’s in unison, then the configuration is correct.

Unfortunately, such a tool is the provision of only one string, while others must be configured again through hearing. This method will be discussed below, but first we have to figure out how to tune a guitar beginner.

tuning fork

  • Piano

Not having special knowledge and experience, the easiest way to do the setup using the piano. Enough to pinch certain notes on the fretboard and play them on the keyboard. When sounds merge in unison, the process can be considered completed.

piano tuning

How to tune guitar with tuner

The beginner in music stores often offer to buy a fairly expensive tuners. Such a device is really able to help a person is not able to do tuning by ear.

The tuner analyzes the frequency range of guitar strings using a microphone. Single copies of the work with electric musical instruments – in this case, there is a special entrance for the cable.

After the string is played kind of a note, the tuner will try to define it, and will tell you what needs to be done to perfect sound – a little to promote, or, conversely, to tighten the tuning pegs. As a result, absolutely not having a hearing, you can make settings. The tuner will tell you when each string will sound right. This device is easy to carry, at any time, quickly and accurately check the condition of the guitar.

how to tune guitar with tuner

How to tune a guitar without a tuner

In order to test the sound of his instrument, not necessarily to have a specific device or even normal hearing. Come to the aid of the Internet and the services available.

To some extent, it’s still the same tuner, only it is in the computer on different sites. Some programs can be downloaded to guitar setup did not require access to the Internet. The principle of operation is absolutely the same as with this tuner.

  • You need to pull the string
  • Monitor program indicators,
  • To tighten or unwind the tuning pegs until the sound will not be correct.

In order to tune your guitar so you only need a computer with a microphone. However, even if it is not, the number of applications you can install on your mobile phone. The principle of operation remains unchanged.

The problem is that not all computer tuners are accurate. Often after such settings, people still realizes that the guitar sounds wrong. However, such programs are still able to at least slightly rectify the situation.

how to tune a guitar without a tuner

Tuning a guitar by ear

Most experienced musicians eventually remember the sound of one or the other string. In particular, it is easy to adjust the sound of the first, and is the basis of all subsequent process.

If configured, the other can get the right sound with it. Fortunately, you can handle and a beginner, if he has any money. For example, in this case will be an a tuning fork.

How to tune a guitar novice at the hearing:

  • After the first string pressed on fret number 5, will give a qualitative La, you can go to work with others.
  • The second string, all on the same fret, should sound in unison with the first free.
  • The third check for the previous, putting the finger on the 4th fret.
  • All the other strings are checked exactly the same principle. They must be clamping on the fifth fret and then play the free the previous string. For example, the fifth, sandwiched on a standard building, needs to be consonant with a free fourth, and sixth to fifth.
  • In addition, the last string is similar in sound to the first, but they have a difference of two octaves.

Thus, by setting the first string, it is possible to normalize the sound in all others. Subsequently, this will not need any other tools, but first, you can use a tuning fork, a piano or a variety of online services.

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