How to treat throat at home?

With the problem of sore throat is found in every person several times a year, and it does not matter it is winter time or a warm summer. Reasons for a sore throat very much, and such disease of the feeling themselves practically do not pass. It is necessary to refer to people’s means and methods used by our grandparents. They will tell you how to quickly cure throat at home without spending a lot of money.

how to treat throat

It is worth noting that in the first place it is necessary to seek professional help, so that he made a diagnosis and determined that you have no serious illnesses that, unfortunately, can not be cured with folk remedies. If this is a common viral disease, folk remedies and methods are appropriate.

Causes of pain in the throat

Reasons for pain can be many, but they are all characterized by the same symptoms and level of discomfort. Among the most common highlight:

  • Disease of the lymph nodes.
  • Allergic reactions to irritants.
  • Dental problems.
  • Stress.
  • Flu.

Not always possible to determine the cause of these painful symptoms, so always come to professionals. If you for some reason do not trust modern medicine and prefer to choose traditional remedies, then consult a doctor will not be superfluous.

How to treat throat at home?

Many people are wondering how to cure throat 1 day at home? There are many proven ways to quickly and securely get rid of sore throat. The throat may tickle, to hurt, to deliver other variants of the discomfort. If you are faced with such a manifestation, you need to use these effective tools:

  • The compresses.
  • Inhalation.
  • Rinse.
  • The foot bath.
  • Rubbing.
  • Bed rest.

Let’s consider each option separately:


gargling at home

Pulling is a very effective method that allows you to quickly remove the inflammation in the throat. It is through gargling, you can quickly get rid of different inflammatory irritation of the mucous membrane and back of throat all functions. For sore throat use the following homemade recipes:

  • Take one tablespoon of salt, a few drops of iodine and 2 teaspoons of baking soda. Pour all the boiling water and stand, waiting for the mixture to cool. Then we will start gargling with this mixture daily before five manipulations with a duration of three minutes.
  • Gargling with citric acid is now considered one of the most affordable. Citric acid will help reduce inflammation, kill everything that formed the germs, and is also pleasant to the time of the procedure. To prepare the drug solution, it is enough to take 1 teaspoon of citric acid, pour it with 200 ml of warm water and let stand. After that, there is gargling, the procedure takes 3-5 minutes. Just 3-4 treatments and you will immediately notice a significant improvement.

Compresses for the throat

Compresses are also useful and effective options, they contribute to the warming of the lymph nodes, resulting in the improved condition of the throat, relieves inflammation and pain disappear at the moment of swallowing.

kompresi for the throat

There are some packs:

  • Mustard. To do this, take liquid honey, flour and mustard. All mix well until it forms a dough. The resulting dough must be put in plastic and attached to the neck, leaving it for 2 hours. This will be enough time to maximum to warm the throat. Literally days, and you will notice significant changes.
  • Honey-cabbage. Take a cabbage leaf, with one hand, lubricated it with honey, applied to the throat and put up a plastic bag. It is very important that the procedure was performed before going to sleep.
  • Potato. Potato poultice is also considered one of the most beneficial options. You must take two boiled potatoes, grate them on a grater and add to the pulp 1 tbsp of the bite. The resulting mixture was put in a bag made of polyethylene, apply it to the sore throat. Top well wrap it up with a warm towel and wait until the potatoes cool. As soon as you stop to feel the heat, the compress can be disposed of.

Inhalation for the throat

Inhalation is rarely used because many believe that it is necessary to have special devices. Actually no, it is important to get acquainted with all the secrets of inhalation in case of sore throat use them.

Inhalation for the throat

  • The most effective and convenient method is breathing over the hot potatoes. To perform the procedure, is simply to boil the potatoes with the peel, and cover it with a lid. Once the potatoes will let off a little steam, it is necessary to cover the face with the head with a towel and lean over the hot steam, breathing it in gradually. This procedure should be performed very carefully so as not to burn face.
  • Breathe over a decoction of herbs. The procedure is performed similarly as in the embodiment of potatoes, only instead of it, boiled water into a mixture of drugs. You can use chamomile, cedar, pine, fir and many others.

Foot baths and rubbing

foot bath

Foot baths also have positive properties, but they are useful and effective only if the patient has elevated temperature. Thermal treatment of the legs is very simple, just boil water, pour it in a bowl or basin and add the mixture into it. Often use mustard, but you can also alternate such steaming with herbs. Very important after the procedure to wrap the feet in warm socks and climb under the covers. You can then do a little foot massage in the form of friction. The effect is instantaneous, just a few treatments, and sore throat going.

Bed rest

As with any viral disease, there is nothing better in bed. After any procedure, the orgasm will be weakened, so you should not load it with additional physical activity in the form of a walk around the apartment or on the street. This condition it is best to wait it out in bed.

Bed rest

After examining all the information, you will know how to treat throat at home, and what tools can be used without harm to the body. It is very important that all procedures were carried out regularly and in combination with bed routine. It is not possible to cure the throat, if all the time to walk in the cold air, to freeze in the bus or at work. Their health should be protected, and if it so happened, no need to ignore folk remedies. Many years ago our ancestors had treated it with herbs, inhalations and gargles. We need to learn from them to always be healthy.

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