How to treat the flu at home?

Every year with the onset of cold weather, our immune system weakens. As a result, we are exposed to various diseases and viral diseases. One such dangerous disease is the flu. So today we’ll talk about how to treat the flu. But before we look at all the ways that help in the treatment of this disease, let’s figure out what is the flu?

how to treat the flu

Influenza is called acute infectious disease caused by a virus. This disease refers to a group viral infections. The disease can have wide spread as epidemics and even pandemics. Modern doctors know more than 2,000 different types of viral infections. Most often, the flu is treatable if timely medical treatment to the patient. But among these 2000 infections, and those on which no vaccine. Fortunately, in our area there are no such viruses.

Quick treatment of influenza: a lie or the truth?

An adult can get sick with the flu 5 to 10 days. If the time to take all steps to recovery, you can recover in 5 days, but not before. The fact that viral infection greatly affects the body and to get rid of it, the body needs time. Therefore, in order to recover from this disease, you need to follow these rules:

  • To stay in bed. As soon as you got your first flu symptoms, immediately put aside everything and go lie in bed. For failure to comply with bed rest possible complication of the disease.

bed rest

  • To recover quickly from the flu, help antiviral drugs. About this group of drugs is quite long argue: some physicians consider them just expensive dummies, while others speak about the necessity of accepting them. Anyway, the intake of antiviral medications that must be prescribed only by a doctor will help you recover from the flu a few days earlier.
  • Eat foods high in vitamin With. This vitamin is found in citrus fruits (grapefruits, oranges, lemons), black currant, etc.
  • Drink as much liquid as possible. The flu is a toxic disease, consequently to cure it you must withdraw toxins from the body. Patients are advised to drink tea, preferably black currant (vitamin C), water, fruit drinks, etc.
  • Don’t force yourself there. Some mistakenly think that if the patient refuses to eat, it is necessary to force that the body can fight off the virus. It is not so. The fact that during this disease, the body activates all the strength to deal with it. If a person overeats, the body strength required for digestion.
  • Foot baths, inhalations. This will not only help to fight the virus, but will also facilitate the patient’s condition.
  • Often ventilate the house. The patient will feel much more comfortable in a room where there is fresh air. Besides, if the room is not ventilated, you may get infected by virus like anyone else.

Here we answered the question: «how to cure the flu fast?». Now consider what mistakes people trying to recover from this disease.

Errors in the treatment of viral diseases

  • Maintaining an active lifestyle. While the person with Alzheimer’s needs all the time to stay in bed. If he continues to go to work, to stand at the stove or even exercise, recovery, and speech can not be. In addition, to break this mode it is impossible, even if you feel better and resolve some symptoms. Remember that a minimum of 5 days you should be in bed.
  • Antibiotics. Pharmaceutical companies, which aims to stimulate demand for drugs, offer people to buy antibiotics for treatment of influenza. The fact that these medication can help to cure viral diseases is a lie. Their approach may be useful, but only in those cases where the virus caused complications in the body.

pills during flu season

  • The abuse of pharmaceutical drugs. Many people infected with the flu, fall into a panic and begin to prepare your body for a huge number of tablets. To do so in any case impossible.

There are three groups of medicines, intake of which can help in the treatment of influenza: antiviral, immunostimulant and relieving symptoms.

Well, now we’ll talk about how to cure the flu at home.

What should I do to treat the flu at home?

  • Spend more time to sleep. During sleep, the body fights the virus much more efficiently than during waking hours. So long good night’s sleep is the best home remedy for the flu. It is best to sleep 10 hours a day, especially if a child is sick or elderly person. If you can’t sleep because of a stuffy nose, first grind it and take an antihistamine. This drug will reduce the swelling and will help you fall asleep faster.
  • Take antioxidants and vitamins. These substances must act in the patient’s body with food and liquid. During a viral illness the body is weakened and requires more than usual vitamins. Because vitamin C is an effective aid in the fight against flu, try to drink as much orange juice, tea green and eat lemons.

Reduce consumption of sugary sodas, and better to completely discard it. The fact that this fluid, like alcohol, is a strong diuretic. If you drink it in large quantities from the body will leave the liquid, and during his illness he really needs it.

Treat the flu at home

  • Follow the hygiene. Try every day to take a shower but rather a tub. The fact is that when you are sick with the flu, the virus is found in all mucous membranes of humans. So when you are touching your face, and then these hands touch the objects in the house, then you leave them to the virus. So, you spread the disease and complicate the healing process. So the first thing you need to do to clean is wash hands frequently. After you wash it in warm water, will feel better. In any case, do not swim in cold water, to prevent freezing of the body.
  • Do not try to reduce the temperature. High temperature during flu season – well, as strange as it may sound. To explain it simply: the body is actively fighting the virus, therefore, temperature is your friend. Therefore, strive to retain heat. When the temperature is high, a person is usually very cold. Uteplitel will not go out in the cold. If the temperature rises above 39.5 degrees, it is necessary to take analgesic, like ibuprofen. You can also take a cool bath. This will help the temperature to fall.

How to enhance well-being during illness?

There are several ways to help yourself when Grippolom disease:

  • Make a warm compress. Compress will help reduce the pain in nose and headache.
  • The lozenges. If you have the flu accompanied by sore throat, try to suck lollipops. This will relieve the pain.
  • Water bath. Make a water bath and tilt over her head, breathed, thus, about 7 minutes. Use essential oil, adding it in the water. Inhaling the oil vapors, you will feel much better.
  • Aspirin. This medication will help to reduce headache and slightly reduce the temperature.

tea from influenza

Flu can be cured, the main thing – to follow all the rules of treatment and patience.

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