How to treat cystitis. Than to cure cystitis. Drugs and herbs

Cystitis is a chronic or acute inflammation of the lining of the bladderthat is accompanied by sharp pains at the time of urination. Hurts them every second woman, it is hard to find a girl who would not have met with this disease. That is why questions arise about how to treat cystitis, what folk remedies you want to use, when to seek the assistance of medication drugs. In the article we will discover the best and most modern methods of treatment of cystitis.

cystitis in women

Many experts do not recommend to treat cystitis at home, relying on folk remedies or medicines from the pharmacy. But cystitis in the early stages symptoms can be cured without the intervention of specialists, just enough to know what drugs and traditional methods must be used. It is important to remember that the sooner will be the treatment, the more chances you have for early recovery, this can not doubt.

Treatment with medication

Due to the development of modern medicine, today in pharmacies can find a lot of various medications that will yield positive results and will quickly relieve you of cystitis. First and foremost you should use antibiotics and uroseptics. Among the most common variants can be noted such drugs:

  • Furagin.
  • Furazidin.
  • The kanefron.
  • Nitrofurantoin and etc.

Furagin cystitis vs

They are very effective, this is because all microorganisms present in a person simply have not developed resistance to them. Besides the above preparations, with cystitis, you can use the following groups of antibiotics that they give the desired result:

  • Cephalosporins.
  • Ftorhinolona.
  • The fosfomycin.
  • Tetracycline.

In order to facilitate the action of antibiotics, the complex, be sure to assign anti-allergic drugs, and if the reception is accompanied by unpleasant sensations or pain, women are shown the use of painkillers candles, which contain diclofenac sodium. Similarly, you can use antispasmodics, they have a relaxing effect on the bladder.

Having chronic cystitis, already need the help of professionals who can carry out the following manipulation:

  • The laser treatment.
  • Electrophoresis.
  • Magnetotherapy.

Chronic cystitis is quite dangerous for women, and that it did not arise, you should definitely monitor their health, and in the case of unpleasant sensations when urinating, urgent to seek professional help in medical institution.

Treatment using herbs

At least in our country, the common herbal treatments not as much as in other countries, there are a few ways that this situation will be as never relevant.

cystitis treatment with herbs

It is considered useful tinctures, where the presence of the following plants:

  • The fruit of the juniper.
  • Daisy.
  • Lime color.
  • The root of lovage.
  • Horsetail.

These herbs contain nutrients, they are able to provide not only anti-inflammatory effect, but also an antiseptic, which in this case is extremely relevant. Medicinal plants are used not only by receiving infusions or teas are very effective are herbal baths.

Unfortunately, chronic cystitis is not treated by using such herbs, therefore you should definitely consult a doctor who can determine the seriousness of the disease and tell you about the way of treatment. With the development of disease experts recommend taking such a drug Kanefron. It contains a lot of components that have a medicinal effect.

Receiving Kanefron cystitis

Kanefron – this drug, which contains rosemary, centaury, lovage. All of these substances have anti-inflammatory effect, have a diuretic effect, helping the woman to get rid of the disease in the early stages of development.

the kanefron against cystitis

Due to the presence of phthalide, the drug has antispasmodic effect, reduces pain. It is characterized by many advantages, and the most important is that it has absolutely no contraindications. This suggests that it is possible to treat cystitis in pregnant women and nursing mothers, no adverse effects will be observed.

The medication worked and gave the desired effect, you should definitely respect the rules and guidelines spelled out in the instructions. In day it is necessary to take the drug 3 times. The optimal dose For adults is 50 drops (2 tablets), and children 1 tablet. Pills do not need to chew, just drink plenty of water. Children the drug can be diluted in water.

Cystitis is a serious disease, which should get rid of in the early stages. Now you know what to treat cystitis, so do not start the disease, hoping that it will pass by itself. Believe me, if time does not cure acute cystitis, it will eventually become a chronic disease, thus, bring you more trouble.

simptomi cystitis

If you don’t trust folk remedies and medicines, be sure to seek help from doctors, they will guide its survey and you will prescribe proper treatment. Be literate, use only proven products and methods for the treatment of cystitis. Take care of your health!

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