How to transfer money with a Megaphone on a Megaphone?

Money on mobile phone account is needed almost always. You can refill the balance in different ways – using ATMs, terminals, offices, operators, Internet and special services. There is another method of obtaining the sum, but you need to know how to transfer money with a Megaphone on a Megaphone.

Almost every cell phone operator provides a particular opportunity for money transfer. In particular, MegaFon has two official services under the name «Mobile transfer» and «remittance».

how to transfer money with a megaphone on a megaphone

How to transfer money with a Megaphone on a Megaphone with the help of Mobile transfer?

Thanks to Mobile transfer, you can send someone a certain amount of money. If the subscriber is in the same region, over time he will be able to give to five hundred roubles, while the limit for a month will be five thousand. The amount available to owners simkart other regions, much higher. One translation actually send up to five thousand rubles, while the limit for a month is fifteen thousand.

In order to transfer money, you need to start to activate the service.

  • This is done using SMS messages. It is necessary to write the number 1, and in the column of the receiver to indicate 3311.
  • Before proceeding, you must make sure that the balance is replenished enough. The amount on the phone should be such that after the cancellation of the transfer account remained at approximately fifty roubles.

There is still a few limitations. First, except for the maximum transfer amount, and the minimum possible are – ten rubles. Second, the transfer is really no more than five times in one day.

Finally, you must realize that this service is free. For each transfer, regardless of the original amounts from the account will be debited five rubles.

mobile transfer

How to transfer money with a Megaphone on a Megaphone:

  • To make the transfer uses USSD-command.
  • You need to dial the following — *133*amountthat will translate*mobile number of the person for whom the translation is made, starting with the seven#
  • Came the command should look like this: *133*150*912455333#.

If the correct set of combinations, the phone will soon get a text message. It will contain a code that confirms the intention to transfer the money. The combination sent need to send in the response message. The translation process is completed.

Features of the service «Money transfer»

The main difference of this function is that it allows you to transfer larger amounts. Unfortunately, this significantly increases the Commission. With the help of Money transfer» the user may transmit the other to fifteen thousand rubles for the money. The monthly limit is forty thousand.

As a rule, in order for the translation was approved, on account of commander, in addition to the required amount should be kept at least ten rubles. In addition, the subscriber must be mindful of the existing Commission – it is slightly less than seven percent of the total.

  • The transfer will happen via SMS message to the number 3116.
  • In the first, you specify the number to which to transfer money, as well as the desired amount. The number must begin with nine, and before the amount you need to put a space.
  • If everything is correct, then after that, the phone will receive a message with a confirmation code. Send it in an SMS.

One of the advantages of this service is the possibility of its use for transferring funds to the subscribers of other operators. If desired, you can transfer the money to the owner of the SIM card Beeline, Tele2, MTS and others.


Transfers via the Internet

Do not have to transfer funds from SIM card to SIM card from phone – to really take advantage of and computer. In this case, will the official site of the cellular operator MegaFon.

  • For starters, you need to go to the site itself.
  • In its upper part immediately noticeable menu green.
  • It is necessary to find the column «Services».
  • Clicking on it will show a tab with a list of various services and features. Among them to choose the appropriate option.
  • You need to click on «Mobile transfer».
  • Click on the link transferring a user to a special resource dedicated to this service.
  • Once at the new site, you need to select the item «other phone».
  • Next, you need to follow all the instructions provided on the website.
  • After entering the data on the transfer and receiver need to confirm the operation and follow the instructions.

The Commission and the limitations are almost completely similar with the parameters of the Money transfer via mobile phone. With this case, the subscriber may send up to fifteen thousand per day, the same amount is the maximum for a single transfer. Per month to transfer to someone is really up to forty thousand.

In addition, it is worth to remember and about other features:

  • You cannot take less than one ruble.
  • On your account after the transfer must remain the means, including the necessary payment of a fee.
  • The fee generally ranges from five to seven percent.

Everyone can decide how to transfer money with a Megaphone on a Megaphone, according to their own situation. It all depends on what is at hand, and what amount you want to send to the other party on the phone.

money transfer

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