How to transfer money from «Tele2» Tele2?

How to transfer money from Tele2 at Tele2

How to transfer money from Tele2 at Tele2, if one of subscribers a zero or negative balance? The subscribers of Tele2 given the opportunity to transfer money from one subscriber to another within the network. The official name of this service — «Mobile transfer». To use the Mobile transfer» requires the fulfillment of certain conditions.

Conditions, enabling the use of mobile translation

  1. Service connection is not required, it is available to all subscribers — to physical persons.
  2. Subscribers — legal entities to use this service can’t.
  3. Take advantage of the mobile transfer can customers registered on the network 2 months or more.
  4. When you activate the service «Promised payment», the service «Mobile transfer» service is not available.
  5. The maximum amount for transfer per day is 15 thousand rubles. 24 hours is allowed to exercise up to 50 translations and not more than 1000 in a month.
  6. The minimum transfer amount of 1 ruble with the Commission.
  7. After the implementation of the transaction for the account of one subscriber must be not less than 10 rubles.

The cost of service «Mobile transfer» service for Tele2 subscribers

For using the service «Mobile transfer» subscriber engaged in the transfer, will be charged 5 rubles as a service fee. The fixed amount for all subscribers within the network Tele2 in Russia.

How to make a payment from Tele2 at Tele2

For the implementation of the transaction, you need to dial *145* the number of the person to whom the money is transferred*transfer amount # and press the call key.

The phone number can be entered in any of the following formats:

  1. 89hhhhhhhhh – for example, 89501112233,
  2. 9hhhhhhhhh – for example, 9501112233,
  3. 79hhhhhhhhh – for example, 79501112233.

The transfer amount must be indicated in rubles, without specifying the cents.


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