How to transfer money from card to card?

Life was easier when there was a Bank card. With their help, we paid, repaid loans, put money on the phone. If you actively use plastic cards, you will be interested to know how to transfer money from card to card.

In the recent past to transfer money between accounts, you had to go from the nearest branch of the Bank. With the advent of the Internet and mobile communications technology has leaped forward. You no longer need to run to the Bank to send the money. You can do this without leaving the comfortable sofa. There are many ways of translation.

Internet Bank

This card must be connected to the system of Internet banking. Log in to personal account using login and password. Often the systems ask you to confirm via SMS. You enter on the website the code and find yourself on the website of the Internet Bank. In the menu, looking for the string «Payments and transfers». Select the item «Translation». If you wish to send the money to own a second card of the same Bank, then in the recipient field, select the card, the balance which must be replenished. If you are planning to send funds to someone else’s map, then in the field «card Number» to make the necessary numbers. Find out in advance and write down the card number of the recipient. After filling in this row, click on the button «Run». The phone receives the verification code. Again carefully check the data entered digits in the code graph. Confirm the operation by pressing the Run button. With your card, the finances will go to another account.

How to transfer money from card to card

Online services

What to do if you want to send funds via the world wide web, but to check in the Internet Bank and do not have time? For these cases, there are special online services. Most of these resources does not even need to register. The translation process is simplified to a minimum. You just need to enter the card numbers. But there is a caveat. Services online translation charge a Commission ranging from 1% to 5% of the transfer amount.


The operator of the Bank

If you want to send money the old way, then you should contact the Bank. The operator-the cashier will transfer the required amount. Sometimes the Bank takes a Commission for this, it can be up to 2%.

Perekaz pennies

Mobile banking

This service connects the Bank’s branches or ATM. And is payable monthly. If the mobile Bank is active, send a short Bank number (900-number of Sberbank) an SMS with the word «Translation». If you own multiple cards of the same Bank, and they are all connected to the mobile Bank, then a space, enter the last four digits of the card number with which it is made. Otherwise, the system will choose a card and send the money with the where you have the means. Then again, should space, and the full card number of the recipient. This method is suitable for savings Bank customers wishing to transfer money to the card customers of the same Bank.

If the recipient is also connected to the mobile Bank, the procedure is even easier. In the SMS you write the word «Transfer», then the recipient’s phone number and the amount of payment, separated by spaces. To confirm the transaction, enter the code that came in an SMS.

Mobile banking


If mobile service is not connected, and to the Bank to go far, you can use Bank terminals. They are located in almost every store or shopping Mall. Select «Transfer», enter the card number of the recipient and indicate the amount. Remember that the transfer through an ATM is not your Bank often involves a Commission. The Commission also levied on transfers on it. After the operation is completed the system will issue a receipt that must be retained.


Now you know about different methods of transferring money from card to card. Choose the method that suits you.

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