How to transfer money from Beeline Beeline?

Money in the account mobile is one of those things that tend to end abruptly. To solve this problem, you can find a payment terminal, an office of Beeline, or use the Internet Bank. But there is another way to receive your money you can transfer from another SIM card. How to transfer money from Beeline Beeline?

how to transfer money from Beeline Beeline

The first method is a special request

To make someone money transfer with your SIM card, you need to dial a specific command. It will look as follows:

*145*the number to which the transfer*amount to send#

Write the number without any extra characters like +, and no eights. The combination should begin with the number 9. The amount represent an integer, and the currency will depend on the subscriber’s account.

Typing the command, press the call. Then the phone will receive an SMS containing a three-digit code. It is also necessary to send USSD request to confirm the intention to transfer funds.

The proof is as follows:

*145*code numbers#

Then again press the call button. If all steps were done correctly, it will display «your request has been accepted» and then you will receive a message with recipient number and amount of money. If it is all correctly specified, the Board successfully carried out.

mobile transfer Beeline


Now that you’ve seen how to transfer money from Beeline Beeline, you need to understand some of the intricacies. With this method of payment of mobile communication there are a number of limitations.

  1. The service is available only to those subscribers who have already put the SIM card to spend more than 150 rubles.
  2. You can translate up to 150 rubles at once, and the day cannot be forwarded more than three hundred rubles.
  3. To calculate the payment necessary so that after its successful implementation of the account could more than sixty rubles.
  4. If you made one payment, then make a second will only be two minutes.

Gets the money will not be able to take a day more three thousand roubles. To transfer the funds, thus obtained, can be no earlier than a day.

Mobile phones are often used fraudulently, so Beeline have created a team that allows you to prohibit such transfers. To activate it you need to dial *110*171#.

How to transfer money from Beeline Beeline, if the function is blocked? In order to make the translation available, you will have to call the operator by number 0611 and follow the instructions. At hand needs to be a passport, might also need to remember the code word.

The second method – sms

Transfer funds by sending an SMS to the number 7878. The message text should be as follows: subscriber number (without any extra characters, must start with nine), a space, and the transfer amount integer.

This method involves a Commission. She will be 5%, but by SMS, you can transfer much larger amounts.

  1. Per transfer you can send up to five thousand rubles.
  2. Such transfers a day to actually do up to ten.
  3. Total for the day, the subscriber can send up to fifteen thousand.
  4. A week should not be more than twenty of payments, and their amount must not exceed 30,000 R.

Beeline SMS

The third method is the website Beeline

For this payment the person must have access to the Internet. How to transfer money from Beeline Beeline through the website:

  1. You need to go to
  2. Select «at the expense of the other party».
  3. Among the list of options tap on «Mobile communication Beeline».
  4. You must fill in all the fields that appear.
  5. If the displayed numbers are satisfied, then you need to accept the terms and click «Pay».

For this method and also charge a Commission. It will be equal to three percent and an additional ten rubles. At a time to really send from 10 to 5000 G.

How to transfer money from Beeline Beeline?

Beeline translation

Since in this situation the operator is the same, the best option is the transfer by sending USSD request. Though thus it is possible to send only very small amounts, but is not charged any fee.

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