How to tie a tie?

To tie a tie needs to be able to every man and gentleman this is the basis of business etiquette. Modern man should know how to tie in all ways, there are about 85 of variations, enough to know a few methods that are suitable for formal and informal meetings. Also when installing you must choose a suitable host for him. For example, you should know that thin ties to tie any knots, but only a broad average. In order to select the correct node we need to know how to tie a tie.

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The easiest way

If you are in a hurry and you do not have the time to check out the challenging way or you just don’t want a long time to learn, then you can use the following method. It is suitable for classic, minimalist suit for a casual outfit. This scheme is suitable for all kinds of necktie and all kinds of collar shirts.

Throw a tie on the neck seam to the inside and then the front, cross the ends so that the thin end was over the other side. Take a large piece and crossed over a narrow part of the product, bringing it over the node and dragging to the inversion between the collar and the tie. Then pulling a large width portion of the product, pull it forward and pass under the upper layer node. Stretching to the end of the wide part to tighten the knot. When properly tied tie edge products are the same, and it should ideally lie under the collar, if you don’t match these two criteria, you will need to repeat all over again.



This scheme of tying is one of the common ways, it has been known since ancient times. This method was invented in England, at a time when there were automobiles, and people moving in carriages drawn by four horses, he tied up specifically so that he did not clap and did not develop on a wind. This tie is easy to tie and it is suitable for all occasions.

To properly tie, put a tie around his neck. After that, pull the large width portion of the tie down to 30 cm was longer than the other. Then loop the two ends around so that was great for the narrow. Next, properly put a large part of the tie over the thin and pull end through loop between collar and tie with bottom side up. Then holding with your fingers, the knot at the front, slide the wide end through the front loop down.



This is a very symmetrical point, has the shape of a triangle with the rigid Foundation, has a wide triangle, it is recommended to tie for official meetings.

Throw on a neck tie with the seam inside so that the wide part is located on the right hand and thin on the left hand. The narrow end should be at the level of the navel. Crossed between the two ends so that the large width part was above the narrow end. Then grasp the edge of the big end, a thread formed over the collar, and then, obvernuv collar tie, pull to the left side and put a thin end from left to right. Repeat the procedure and guide a broad tip under the collar. Moving it, pull the wide end and put it right. Next, make the beautiful front of the tie so the wide end horizontally from right to left. Then again swipe the wide edge, threading formed under the collar, and then the following insert in the loop from the front of the site. In conclusion, pull the wide end gently to tighten the knot. If you do it right, then you’ll have to get a very unusual and beautiful knot on the tie.



It is much more difficult to tie than others, but it looks very original and people will not be able to ignore it. The meaning of tying is that the widest part needs to pass through the two resulting loops.

Put the tie around his neck, crossed the ends in front, having laid them crosswise, so that the wide part was located over a narrow part on the way to the left. Then with your fingers, holding the place where he crossed the two ends, wrap wide below narrow end so that he was headed in the right direction. Next, repeat this action again, obvernuv the wide end around the narrow and re-direct it in the right direction. Then he took the wide end, it is necessary to stretch through the neck loop (this must be done from the top down) and return to the left side. Then it must be routed in a loop, which was formed in front, stretching down. At the end very carefully tightened the knot and if necessary, a little to level it.


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How to tie a tie

Some figure the way to some distant star, and some number of combinations to knot a tie, which, as found by mathematicians, there are 177147. We’re not going to tell you all these options because we do not know and do not see the point, but at least one combination of tying a tie need to master any man. Even if you’re not a fan of the tie, and never planned to wear it, in life there are cases when without it anywhere. (далее…)

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