How to tie a hook to a fishing line

Almost everyone eats their passion, which allows you to spend time usefully. Most men in our country are fond of fishing, both winter and summer. With the help of fishing people can harmoniously merge with nature, to think about something important and bring home the catch. However, many have question about how to tie a hook to a fishing line right?

It is important to properly prepare for fishing to catch as many fish as possible. Of course, you need to collect all the fishing gear. It is especially important to remember how to tie hook to fishing line, know what not all fishing enthusiasts. For tying you will need:

  • fishing line;
  • hook;
  • the spinner in some cases.

Where to start?

Consider the most common way. Prepare the hook and line, and then use boot fishing line in the eyelet up to half the length. The fishing line should pass only from the sting of the hook, pay attention to it. The long end of the fishing line obvolakivaet around with a hook 7 times, and extend it with the other hand. And now you can tighten, then you can be sure that the knot won’t slip. The leash can be tied to the main belt. Consider other types of nodes.

The gripper node

To carry it out, you want to skip the fishing line through the hole of the rifle spinners. After this wind the fishing line snap hook 4 times and make sure that the left turns. Then one end of the fishing line must be inserted into the hole of the first loop and tighten the knot.

How to tie a hook to a fishing line

Double stevedore

The knot tied is harder than gripping, but it is reliable. To create it you must push the line into the carabiner of the spinner to form a ring, and then the free end of fishing line wrapped around primary strips 4 times and put in the gap between turns. After you need to run it in your ear, which came out in the beginning.

double knot

The bayonet knot for the hook without spinners

This site is only suitable for wood, non-synthetic. To create it you need to thread the end of the tape in the ring of the hook and make several turns within it.

bayonet knot

Canadian eight

If you are using synthetic line, then this node will fit perfectly. To do that, you need to stretch one end of the fishing line through the loop and rotates once around it. At the bottom you will notice that the loop has formed, it is necessary to pass one end of the line.

canadian eight

Fishing eight

For this node you need to use a solid line because thin can quickly be torn. To make fishing an eight, it is necessary to reach the end of the tape through the ring and make a revolution around the hook. Then the fishing line must be sent again in the ring and do the turn around the main line. One end of the fishing line is threaded into the ring on the hook.

fishing eight

The California method

To play, you must fold the line in half and thread it into the ring of the hook. Then wrap it around the main line and this loop is passed the hook.

the California method

Thus, we can conclude that ways of tying fishing line to the hook a lot. Most importantly, choose one that will suit you, and will be issued as quickly as possible. Train, try, and you certainly will succeed!

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