How to teach your kitten to the tray?

The long-awaited and joyful moment in the family got a kitten. Still so small, but he has a lot of things, like its food bowl, water bowl, scratching post and toys. At the same time, there is the question of how to teach your kitten to the tray.

how to teach your kitten to the tray

Do not put it off, though not easy, but definitely a very important process. Unfortunately, the probability that fluffy baby with age will learn to use the tray, almost zero. Even if the kitten grows with the mother, who goes to toilet in the proper place to teach her cub are still forced.


First, how to begin accustoming to the tray, is to buy the tray. Now decided to buy a pallet without the top mesh and cover them up or filler, but many cats are easy and with the upper part. In addition, these options allow you to prevent spreading litter everywhere.

Do not buy little trays, thinking that the animal is of small size do not need large. First, for the animal will not be an objective difference in the sump what size to walk him. Second, it will grow very quickly, so to escape for a conventional tray will be very soon.

If there are concerns that the kitten can’t get inside because of the high sides, it can be attached close to something that he could use as a ladder.

A good choice would be an indoor tray. It cats feel more comfortable, and the walls do not give smell to spread rapidly. However, some animals do not accept it.

Finally, you need to buy a quality filler and scoop what he would be clean.

Royal tray

How to teach your kitten to the tray?

At first, better that the kid lived in a small and enclosed space. If he, not being accustomed to the tray, will have access to every corner of all the rooms, then find where it did its business, it will be very difficult, and to stop the animal at the right time is almost impossible.

Selecting a suitable premises, the owner must put in the tray corner. In this room should not be the constant noise and bustle, the animal should be able to feel in solitude. For this reason, cats often go for the furniture or other secluded places. It is not necessary to place the toilet and next to the bowls of the animals.

How to teach your kitten to the tray:

  • Put the animal in the tray, which is already a filler. Some kittens do not understand, why put them in there, but most will need more than once to bring into place.
  • The best time to explore the tray after the baby eats, for revival, and when it becomes obvious that the kid is looking for where to go to the toilet.
  • It is very important to praise the kitten every time it uses the tray as intended.

the cat in the tray

Common mistakes

People continue to use a variety of methods that not only work, but also have a negative impact on the animal.

For example, do not own to dig the filler, thus trying to show the kitten that it is necessary to go to the toilet. Most likely, it will only scare the animal. Especially not to dig his paw of a kitten.

It is unacceptable to hit or use any other physical effect on the cat. If he goes to the toilet in the wrong place, you need to give him a sniff of a puddle and then take it to the tray.

Do not give results and tools to teach my cat to crap in the wrong place. These sprays will only irritate mucous membranes animals, but does not prevent him to continue not to use the tray.


Each cat in the house should be a few trays. Most of the animals like to use two trays, but it is better to provide a third additional. This is especially important if there is a possibility that the elbows are not cleaned on time.

You can tell the kitten where is the right place for the toilet, in the following way. When he gets there, where it is not necessary, you can slightly wet in a puddle a small cloth or cotton wool and then place it in the tray. Soon the kitten will know what it is, and the fabric can be removed.


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