How to teach a child to read

All parents are concerned about the development of your beloved child. Therefore, sooner or later each of them will begin to wonder about how to teach a child to read.

how to teach a child to read

The process of learning to read takes time, so parents need to be patient. First the baby tries to learn the letters, then go compositions. Then he will be able to read simple words, which in the future will be able to combine phrases and whole sentences.

A study of the vowels

First of all, the child must learn to distinguish and correctly identify the vowels. So he quickly became friends with them, you can try to test one effective method. Mom will need to not only prepare the 10 circles of red color paper. Each of them should write one of the vowels. The red color was not chosen by chance. After all, they are the words usually distinguish the vowels.

reading and child

Now it is time to acquaint the child with vowels. You need to show alternately circles and sing the letter. Let the kid repeats for mom. This exercise it needs to perform with the hunt. Red circles you hang out at home and from time to time to ask a child to sing a particular vowel. First, it can be difficult to learn letters, but after a few trainings he will call mom or dad the right answer.

Effective is another exercise that allows you to memorize the vowels. On separate pieces of paper to write simple words that have the letter you want. Next, the child should be given one of the leaflets and asked to find the vowel studied. This exercise will help your child to memorize the graphic writing of the letter.

The reading of syllables and simple words

If the child knows vowels, it’s time to teach him to read the syllables. To do this a little more difficult. However, the game form of training will allow the child to easily remember the material.

Turns need to acquaint your child with one of the consonants. Do not have to do it in alphabetical order. The exercise itself will take place in the following way. For example, my mother decided to teach the child the letter P. you Should try to submit it to the child in a familiar way. He also needs to learn how to pronounce the letter. After, you can substitute «P» for the vowel studied. Here are the stocks, which the child tries to read.

the child learns to read

When the baby meet with three or more consonants, he should be encouraged to read simple words composed of familiar syllables. For this exercise it is recommended to use cards with letters. Of them he will put words. This game is sure will please the child.

Learning to read compound words

Difficult words the child can read only if he learned to add syllables. For a quick study once again need a special card. First, moms should use words for familiar objects. The names can be placed next to them, so the child could not only read, but to understand the meaning of written.

New words should be read together with the baby, so he did not make mistakes. It is recommended to repeat several times. 15 minutes of this training will be quite effective. Once the kid can read the first group of words, you can proceed to the next etc.

The correct approach to teaching your child to read

That teaching a child to read was really effective, parents should follow these guidelines:

  • You can’t force a child to learn to read. He has to want to do it, or none of the exercises will not allow him to permanently remember new information.
  • Training must take place in the form of entertainment. After all, the game is able to evoke in the child a true interest. What is interesting is the entertainment, the faster the baby will want to start again learning new letters, syllables and words.
  • One lesson should not exceed 15 minutes. After the baby starts to get tired and no longer interested in exercises that mother offers him to perform.
  • In any case, you cannot blame the kid if he does something wrong. This attitude will only alienate him from his studies.
  • No need to rush baby and try to get him to learn just the day a huge pile of material. Anyway, he will not be able to remember a lot of information. It is better to devote much time to the study of one letter than briefly go through half of the alphabet.

learning letters

And another tip that will help parents raise a smart child. He really learned to read, instead of just repeating the letters and words for mom, you need to choose the right period to start learning this science. Each child it’s different. Ideal age when the baby can freely communicate with parents and well call a lot of subjects. And, of course, you should show patience with their child and to deny him the desire to learn together with a loved one.

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