How to teach a child to potty?

Sooner or later every mother thinks about how to teach a child to potty at what age is the best thing to do. A huge amount of literature, which gives all sorts of tips for this reason, it is not always useful, and even after reading tons of books and carefully following all the instructions parents can not achieve the desired result. The entire reason that it’s most important to feel your child and not push him. In such a delicate matter there are no universal rules requiring strict compliance. There is only guidance and General principles according to which it is necessary to act.

When it is necessary to acquaint the child with the pot?

When to teach a child to potty

Start potty training preferably in the age from six months to two years. Until that period in the brain of the baby has not supplied a signal of fullness of the bladder, so he emptied involuntarily. To control the process the child closer to 18 months of life, and a simple seat on the pot are not talking about conscious actions.

The recommendations of Dr. Komarovsky

The main advice of Komarovsky, don’t stress ahead of time and not look for flaws in your three year old child, not asking for the pot, but just wait, when he comes to it. According to the doctor, he didn’t met even a single mom, complaining of a four-year pissing of the child, but the parents of two year old children constantly approach him with this alleged «problem». However, Komorowski gives a number of recommendations that will help to accelerate the process of schooling.

The recommendations of Dr. Komarovsky

  • It is necessary to systematically put the child on the potty and explain to him that this is what going to the toilet more convenient. Not to quarrel, if committed another blunder, you have to gently and easily indicate the correct option. Do not expect that within a week you will appear visible result. Be patient.
  • Put the pot in a prominent place to the child when urge saw it and just took it. Pot in a prominent place
  • Buy the most common pot not equipped with modern tweeters, music, buttons, and other entertainment items. This subject should not be associated with the game, and with a toilet.
  • At the first success to demonstrate their joy, clap your hands and say encouraging words.
  • Make «sitting» on the pot a mandatory ritual before bedtime, a walk, after a NAP, lunch, etc. depending on how much liquid your child is drinking and the individual features of her body. The method of training the child to the potty
  • Do not start potty training when the child is sick, upset or didn’t get enough sleep. The best time to start the summer, when it is possible not to interrupt the process of obtaining new knowledge. And in case you need to wash summer clothes a lot easier, not to mention the fact that the child can be changed without going into the house.
  • Do not give up diapers for good. At night or during long walks it is possible to use this useful invention, not forgetting systematically to put toddler on the potty and praise for dry diapers. To remove it gradually. Accustom to the pot effortlessly
  • Don’t forget that children learn while playing. Arrange a real role-playing game, set a favorite toy on the potty, speak on her behalf. This will allow the child to assimilate new knowledge. You can also allow the child to pour the contents of the pot, wash it, return it. Play on the curiosity and the desire to repeat for adults all their actions.

And finally

No matter what temp did not come on potty training, remember that you need patience and to learn not to pay attention to the recommendations of the neighborhood grandmothers and aunts who have children already half a year asks for the potty even at night, and about the wet pants during the day they already forgot 11 months. As a rule, all these stories are fiction, designed only to praise his child, so cheer up and do not scold the child in vain, and clearly go to your goal, and then everything will be OK.

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