How to take the promised payment to Tele2?

Often, people are faced with a situation where the phone only a few rubles, and they urgently need money for a long conversation or other paid manipulation. In such moments becomes an extremely topical issue-how to take the promised payment to Tele2.

how to take the promised payment at Tele2

This option will help those who, for example, it’s really important to pay for mobile Internet. It requires a certain amount of funds that are not always at hand. The operator gives the possibility to receive money for a certain period, but then they need to be returned.

Features of the promised payment

Promised or trust payment from Tele2 is a kind of way to borrow. Only in this case it is not necessary to seek the assistance of friends or relatives – the operator will provide a certain amount.

There are a number of issues which need to understand before you start to use the promised payment. Although this service provides for the receipt of funds, it can not use if for several days you will not be able to repay your debt.

Unlike friends and acquaintances, the operator will not be forthcoming – in the case of non-payment happens off the phone and get another one trust to repay the previous, will not work. Thus, this service has its pros and cons.

In General, a subscriber may obtain from fifty to two hundred rubles, which he must return, not later than ten days, depending on the specific amount received. She, in turn, is determined by how much people spend during the month.


How much you can get with the promised payment?

Using the phone simkarty, Tele2, the subscriber sends messages, performs calls, surf the Internet or doing some kind of manipulation – however, he spends money from his balance. The more of them was spent within one month, the greater could be the amount obtained by this service.

There are four categories that define how funds may obtain the subscriber.

  • If people started to use simkarty about fifteen days ago and during this time he spent about 50 roubles, with the help of this service it will be able to get another 50 rubles, the return of which you will have within 24 hours.
  • If the room is used for more than 120 days and in a month on average spent about one hundred rubles, the same will be provided for the week.
  • If SIM card active for 180 days and the monthly cost is not more than 150 rubles, 150 rubles will be provided for ten days.
  • Finally, subscribers who in the course of the year spend in a month for two hundred rubles, will be able to get the same amount for up to ten days.

Thus, those who have been using his room Tele2 may borrow funds, which is enough for a monthly fee for mobile Internet or to pay for anything else.

the money in the account

What you need to know about the trust payment

Unfortunately, this service will not be able to save from totally unforeseen situations, when the balance went negative, but you have to make a call. The fact that the promised payment is not free. To obtain it you will have to pay ten percent of the amount which should be issued.

Fortunately, they will be deducted when the entire debt. For example, if the caller has received two hundred rubles, then after ten days he will be forced to pay 220 rubles. After all his debts are discharged, re-use of the service will be available a day after that.

There are a number of cases in which to connect a promised payment will not succeed.

  • First, if the balance fell below ten minutes, the service is not available.
  • If the account is more than thirty rubles, the connection will again be possible.
  • You can make a second appeal to the operator, if not hours passed from the moment of repayment of a previous debt.
  • Finally, the service is not available to subscribers who use simkarty of the company at least fifteen days.

In some situations there may be other things that will interfere with the connection of the promised payment. Fortunately, there is a way to get all the details you can use the command *112#. Therefore, you receive an SMS with information about the available amount and other aspects of the question.

promised payment

How to take the promised payment to Tele2?

After reviewing the necessary information about the service, you go to take the promised payment to Tele2. First, there is a special command *122*1# and call button. As a rule, to begin with, it should still appeal to the information for free to be sure of the amount received and the repayment terms.

In addition to the team, connect promised payment, you can use the personal account on the official website of the operator. So you can immediately get all the necessary information, and the ability to quickly use the service.

Finally, in case of any problems, the subscriber is entitled to apply directly to the operator. It will help to overcome various difficulties, and connects the promised payment, but generally such takes time.

A method that allows you to use the service may vary depending on the conditions in which were. However, as a rule, USSD-command is the most simple and quick way of getting money into the account.

phone money

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