How to take the promised payment to MTS

In our rapid and unpredictable life situations when we urgently need to make a call, not so rare. But what if you need to make an urgent call, and on account of money, or the balance has been transferred for zero? Fortunately, the mobile phone company came up with a solution – they created a «promised payment». It makes sense to understand how to take the promised payment to MTS.


General description

To use such a payment, whose balance does not become negative, or if it is not below -30 rubles. The service allows you to instantly get money into the account. The resulting amount is the debt that must be closed during the week, otherwise room service will be suspended.

How much money you can obtain depends on the average cost for a particular subscriber. If in a month he spends less than 300 rubles, I can get about 200 rubles. When costs go up to 500, that amount becomes 400. If the expenses are more, then the subscriber is available, the maximum amount is 800 g.

Despite the fact that a person actually asks the operator in debt, depending on the requested amount, he will have to pay for it. If a person wants to 30 rubles, from his account, nothing will be removed. If the amount is large, but within the 99, you will have to pay 7 rubles. 200 fee equal to 10 rubles to 500 – 25. If you wish to obtain the maximum amount will have to give 50 g.

how to take obeshhannyiy payment to MTS

How to take the promised payment to MTS

There are 3 main methods that allow you to connect this service.

  • Method # 1 – team up with your phone

obeshhannyiy payment

To connect you need to dial *111*123#, then press call button. And can dial *111# is the command to export «MTS Service», which will help you to connect to various services, as well as it can help you to find the balance and change the rate.

  • Method # 2 – Personal account

personal account-MTS

Every MTS subscriber has the ability to access your Personal account. To do this, go to the appropriate section, you need to query the SMS password. To obtain it you will need to enter your room. Then use the resulting password you can go to Personal Cabinet. In this paragraph «Payment», you can find everything you need to connect to the service.

  • Method # 3 – a conversation with the operator


Dial 1113, a person can ask the operator to connect the necessary service. It can also be consulted on any issues.

Who is eligible for the service?

Generally, any MTS subscriber can activate this service, however there are some limitations. Access to the «promised payment» is not given to those who use the tariffs:

  • Guest,
  • Super Onlaynery,
  • Basic 092013,
  • MTS iPad.

To receive funds will fail and those who use the services of «Credit» and similar «full trust».

If the person is connected «promised payment», then to another really only after repayment of debt. Although to repay the debt in a week, to get out of negative balance you need in three days.

It is better and safer just to carefully monitor your balance and not to risk to be without a connection at the right time. However, if it still happens, «promised payment» from MTS will be able to help.

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