How to take the promised payment on the Megaphone?

Question about how to take the promised payment on the Megaphone, can interest people for various reasons. As a rule, the need for connection of such services occurs if phone is charged the monthly fee. Many modern tariffs are working according to this principle, often regardless of whether people are online or not.

how to take the promised payment on the megaphone

However, tariff plans, do not require monthly payments, still exist, but the use of the network will almost always require such regular expenses. In the hustle and bustle of everyday life it is easy to forget that it was the due date – so on the account may not be available. Of course, in this situation, you can find the money and escape to replenish the balance, but it is not always feasible.

What to do if a phone is urgently needed 100-300 rubles, and on quite a bit of money? In this case, comes to the aid of the promised payment from a Megaphone.

How much money can I get?

To date, all mobile operators have a common system of issuing money for services Promised payment. The total amount always depends on the average monthly costs of the subscriber, and often intervenes in the term of use of the SIM card.

  • People who bought operator MegaFon will be able almost immediately to 50 rubles by this option.
  • After three months, the amount will be doubled available as one hundred rubles, but provided that during this time the subscriber spent 150 rubles or more.
  • If during the same period a person spent the amount of two hundred rubles, by the Promised payment, he can receive 150 rubles.
  • When the cost is 250 rubles, by connecting to the service you will receive 200 rubles.
  • In those rare instances when the caller is a VIP customer of the operator, he is entitled to receive the amount of 400 rubles, and sometimes 500.

This amount of money is quite sufficient to timely pay the monthly fee. However, everything has its disadvantages. First, the Promised payment is not available to all, and second of all, this service is free.


Features of the Promised payment

The Commission for connection of the Promised payment, in varying degrees, have with any operator. As a rule, the extra money is written off when the debt itself, but the Megaphone, things are not so. You will have to pay immediately, when connected to the service, even if I have to only fifty roubles. Thus, to take advantage of the Promised payment is not always feasible, especially if the balance went negative. The amount of the fee varies depending on the funds that the subscriber is going to receive.

  • For example, if he was given the minimum possible means, that is 50 rubles, will be also deducted two more of the ruble.
  • In case of approval of the loan in one hundred or one hundred and fifty rubles, the Commission will amount to five rubles.
  • Finally, if you have received two hundred rubles, you will have to pay and additional ten.

If the account is found the funds to repay the fee, the service can be connected.

promised payment

How to take the Promised payment on the Megaphone?

There are a number of ways you can use this option.

How to take the Promised payment on the Megaphone:

  • The most common for its speed and simplicity) method is a USSD-command. It is enough to dial *106# and press the call buttonand the service will be activated.
  • You can use text messaging. If you send on number 0006 blank text, so you can get the Promised payment.
  • A call to this number will allow you to connect with a voice menu. It is also possible to connect services.

Finally, there are two other methods that allow you to understand in many situations. First, if you have access to a personal computer, laptop or other device with Internet access, you can use your Personal account. It has all the information about the Promised payment, the possible amount and fee. The website allows you to quickly activate the service.

Finally, the 0500 number you can call up the operator, who will provide any help in this matter. In particular, he remotely connects the Promised payment on the subscriber’s phone.

MegaFon promised payment combination of numbers

Auto mode

MegaFon provides the ability to automatically take the money in debt at the moment when their account is less than ten rubles. To connect this option Promised payment different methods.

  • USSD-command looks like the following— *105*665#.
  • Of these numbers is the number that you can send a blank message – 000105655.
  • Finally, this question will again help Personal account and call to the phone number 0500.

Of course, the use of an automatic promise to pay may be cost-effective is not always. Easily able to be a need for deactivation of the service. This can be done using any of the methods given for connecting only sent SMS to the number 000105658.

One will be able to use the service?

Not every owner of a SIM card MegaFon has the ability to safely connect a Promised payment. First, to obtain funds will fail if the number is blocked, for whatever reason.

In addition, the service becomes inactive if connected Credit. Besides, automatic Promised payment cancels disposable. You can only use any one option.

Within a week after receiving the funds they should be put on the account. This will allow you to repay the debt. Only after full payment will be possible once again to use the Promised payment.


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