How to take the promised payment on the Beeline?

How to take the promised payment on the Beeline? This question many, because modern mobile phones are widely used in various fields. First and foremost, of course, people spend money to make calls and write SMS. Also, funds need to at any time have access to the Internet. With your phone can pay for various services, and soon these devices will be able to act as a kind of analogue cards.

how to take the promised payment on the Beeline

Nothing surprising in the fact that people tend to always have on your phone a certain amount of money. However, a situation when they are suddenly not is on account, not so rare. Of course, you can refill the balance in different ways. For example, if there is a terminal then you can throw the money in the account. Will help in this matter and Bank card, access to a computer and the operator’s office.

How to take the promised payment on the Beeline?

Despite the fairly large number of ways to Deposit funds in the world still occur a situation when there is absolutely no way to put money on the phone. If they suddenly ended, and the need to make an urgent and important call or transfer a certain amount, then people could not help think about how to take the promised payment on the Beeline.

This service is another name for «trust». Its essence is that if the subscriber takes the operator to the duty of a certain amount, pledging to return it promptly. Activation of trust» allows almost instantly to fill the balance of the SIM card, but this amount will depend on various parameters.

So how do you get the promised payment from Beeline? It is very simple. Simply dial the USSD command *141*7#, and then press the call button.

If there is a possibility that this service might be exploited for selfish purposes, and the owner of the phone it is not necessary, it is possible to establish a ban on Trustee payment. To do this, simply call the number and 0611 to discuss the matter with the operator. It is understood that in order to lift the ban, you may need to contact the office of maintenance.


Features of trust

To get funds thus it is possible for three days or less. During this time, you need to have time not only to make the phone the money that was loaned from the operator, but also to ensure that, excluding debt, the balance does not become negative.

If you do not have time to repay your debt in three days, the SIM card will be blocked until then, until the desired amount is not paid.

Every time a person wants to take the promised payment, he will have to pay for it for fifteen rubles. As a result, he will receive a certain amount, which depends on a number of factors, which will disappear from the account in three days.

To re-use trusted payment can be after the debt will be repaid. However, the promised payment will not be connected if:

  • On account of insufficient funds to pay for services;
  • People for three months not spent fifty roubles
  • This room is less than two months.

How much money can I get?

How much money can get a person benefiting from the trust the payment, depends on his monthly expenditure and the amount that is still on the account.

For example, if a subscriber spends on average per month on mobile services for 3 thousand rubles, and while he remained at least 90 rubles, he will be able to borrow 450 rubles.

If the same person per month and does not spend one hundred rubles, then using the services it can obtain a maximum of 50, provided that his account remain thirty rubles.

If the subscriber is roaming, then the amount available for payment is somewhat different. For example, to get 450 rubles average monthly flow rate can be 1500 or more, but your account must be at least 150 rubles.

Spending in a month less than a hundred rubles, while abroad, people will be able to get 80 rubles, if its balance is at least 30 UAH.

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