How to take a screenshot on a laptop?

A screenshot is a picture of the screen. She shows what is displayed on the monitor of the laptop. Often while surfing the Internet we want to save the page. Sometimes we need to make the error issued. Every user sooner or later asks himself the question: «How to take a screenshot on a laptop?». There are several ways to get a photo of the screen.


The Print screen key

One-click this little magic button on the laptop will provide you with a picture on the screen. This button has the inscription PrtScr, which stands for «print screen» or «print screen». The key is in the upper right corner of the keyboard. This is a very small button, which works wonders.


So, if you decided to take a screenshot on a laptop screen, follow the simple algorithm:

  1. Carefully examine the contents of the window that you want to remember. Perhaps we should remove from view the cursor or close personal correspondence, which is displayed on the screen
  2. After all the preparations, press PrtScr. The picture screen will go to the clipboard
  3. To see what you removed, you want to move photos from the clipboard into a graphic editor Paint. To access it, click the «start» button and select «Standard program»
  4. Open the Paint editor, create a blank sheet and press Ctrl+V. you can Also use the menu bar by selecting the «edit (Edit) command to Insert (Paste). If done correctly, a screenshot will appear in front of you
  5. Now you should save the. For this you can use the combination of keys Shift+Ctrl+S or use the menu «File» (File). From the drop-down list, select the item «Save as» (Save as). Come up with a name of the file, and click on the desired graphics format. It can be Gif, Png or Jpeg
  6. Choose the path to place the file, and click on the «Save» button (Save)


If you want to save the whole screenshot, but only part of it, you should change the picture using the editor. You also insert the image into a blank sheet in Paint, but then make changes to the screenshot:

  1. Select tool to highlight part of the figure, referred it to the desired area. You can also emphasize the right words with the tools of the program to make signature, or to erase part of the image
  2. If you are satisfied with your editing, use the combination of keys Ctrl+Cto copy the necessary piece to the clipboard
  3. Creates a new worksheet using the menu. You will need a column «File» (File) command to Create (New). In response, the system will open for you a white sheet in a graphics editor
  4. Insert our cut a slice from the clipboard. How to do it? Very simply, by using the Insert (Paste) or by pressing keys on the laptop keyboard Ctrl+V
  5. Now you should see the edited screenshot. Save it using the button Shift+Ctrl+S or the menu item «Save» Save as

Program for screenshots

If you need to create several screenshots, I always open Paint is not very convenient. You will come to the aid of a special program for creating screenshots.


The most popular is the «Screenshoter». It starts at system startup, a schematic rectangle in the taskbar. Deciding to make a screenshot, click on the icon in the tray. The screen automatically blacks out, but don’t be afraid. This is a program to create snapshots of the screen offers you to highlight the area you want to remember.

With a square box that can change its area, select the desired part of the screen. The program will show a screenshot and save it to PC hard disk. Save location you can specify in the settings.

screen laptop

If you make screenshots, a special program to make your life easier. If the screen shots you need rarely, use Paint and PrintScreen key.

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