How to store pineapple at home, so that was fresh

Pineapple lovers can tell you that fresh canned pineapple are two different things. But what if fresh pineapple to buy is no longer possible, and to buy conservation? You need to prepare in advance and store fresh pineapple. In this article we will tell you how to keep pineapple in the home correctly. But before we consider in detail all the methods of storage of this fruit, let’s see what it pineapples should be stored.

how to store a pineapple

Buy the correct fruit

Choose fruit for future storage needs as responsibly as storing pineapple. Fresh fruit is the most important rule for saving. Discuss the main rules of the right choice of fruit:

  • The fruit must be leaves. They should be green. The presence on the leaves any stains tells about spoiled or stale product. Limp or wrinkled leaves also indicate the staleness and uselessness of the fruit to eat. Do not take this fruit.
  • Special attention to stop the skin of the fruit. It should have a greenish-yellow color without any brown spots. There are certain varieties of pineapple, the skin of which is completely green. It is recommended to consult with the seller before choosing the fruit.
  • Rate the eyes of the fetus. They must all have the same color.
  • The presence of the pineapple mould talks about his complete unsuitability for use and storage.
  • After you decide the color, press lightly on the fruit. Ripe pineapple so I might be spring, which is not green or overripe fruit.
  • Ripe pineapple is always heavy, it does not have any dents.
  • And the last tip: smell the fruit. Of good pineapple will come a pleasant sweet smell.

how to choose a pineapple

There are several simple ways to keep the pineapples. Consider the best of them.

Freezing fruit at home

Use cold temperature storage. You can store pineapple in the basement or in the refrigerator. If you live in the private sector, where there is a cellar, to send the fruit in storage would be the best solution, since in the fridge it won’t take up much space. The more that a very large pineapple may not climb there. But if this is not possible, use a refrigerator and freezer better.

Some guidelines for such storage:

  • To keep a pleasant aroma of the fruit, put it in a clean paper bag in which you need to pre-make the holes.
  • Put the pineapple needed in the chamber for storage of fruits. If such a camera does not, make him a separate place in the refrigerator so that the fruit escaped the neighborhood with other products. If you put the pineapple along with vegetables, eggs or meat, you can forget about keeping it odor.
  • Periodically, you should turn the fruit to the other side to the process of freezing occurred uniformly.

zamorozhenye pineapple

This method is suitable for those who have not yet decided what he wants to cook pineapple in the future or for those who just want to eat the whole fruit. If you want in the future to use the pineapple as a fruit additive for cake, cook from it compote or cook a meal with the addition of pineapple, you will have to store it in chopped form.

Consider the sequence of actions of this method:

  • Pineapple slice. Before you slice the flesh, cut the tip, to get rid of the skins, and then cut out the core. Special requirements for cutting the pulp of pineapple there. You can chop it small, medium or large cubes. Also, you can use these cookie cutters to cut fruits to get a nice neat figures. As you wish.
  • Prepare Board and cover it with parchment paper. Make sure that the paper was large enough, otherwise it will not fit all the pieces.
  • Make sure that the pineapple slices do not touch each other, otherwise freeze they will stick.
  • Send Board Il and a plate of sliced fruit in the freezer for 1 day. This will be enough for the pieces to have a cold.
  • Prepare the vacuum container. As a container package for freezing, if it’s not, take an ordinary plastic. Most importantly – lack of a container the air.
  • At the end of the glue container sticker with the date so you know the shelf life of pineapple. Remember that frozen any fruit can be stored for more than 1 year.

There are a few ways that will help keep the pineapple house.

Storage of pineapple with dehydrator

Storage of pineapple with dehydrator

  • First, you need to clean the fruit from the rind, then cut into small pieces, approximately 1.5 cm.
  • After that, put the pieces of fruit in the dehydrator and set the desired temperature. The temperature required for such operation the dehydrator must be specified in the appliance manual.
  • Once the pineapple slices dry in a dehydrator, you can store them at room temperature. Cover the storage container with a clean towel and put on her cut fruit. The retention period shall not exceed 1 year.

Canned fruit

  • Once you remove fruit from rind, slice it as you like. For preservation best pineapple cut into half rings, but if you cut into slices, delicious that he can not stop.
  • Fold the chopped fruit in an enamel dish.
  • Meanwhile, prepare the sugar syrup. On half a liter of water take a little more than 200 grams of sugar and leave for about 10 hours. For convenience, it is recommended to make this syrup before bedtime and in the morning to engage in conservation.
  • Pour pineapple with syrup, put on fire and bring to a boil. Let it simmer for 10 minutes.
  • Pour the resulting mass in jars for a spin. The pineapple is ready.

Canned fruit

Here are the simple methods of storage of pineapple exist. If you use some of them in the winter will be able to treat yourself to a delicious exotic fruit.

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