How to store garlic for the winter in the apartment?

The benefits of garlic is known to everyone since childhood: it strengthens the immune system and helps fight colds. But how to store garlic in the winter, knows not every woman.

How to store garlic in the winter

Briefly about the garlic

Garlic is not the most popular vegetable on our tables, but it is often used for cooking and give them a special taste. In the winter it is recommended to use this product to maintain immunity. It costs much cheaper drugs but the use gives no less.

As a medicine garlic was used in Ancient Egypt. The priests they fed their slaves so that they are not sick from colds and more. Mention of this came to us from the frescoes that remain preserved from the ancient times. For many years this vegetable has not lost the useful properties, and recognition from the people. Therefore, the question of how to store garlic in the apartment, and relevant to this day.

From garlic depend on the conditions and the possibility of long-term storage.

how to hang garlic

There are 2 types of this product:

  • Spring.
  • Winter.

Spring garlic differs in that it is planted in spring, and ripens in August. Winter — one that is planted in the fall, and ripens in late July.

Depending on the species differs its planting, harvest, resistance to winter cold

From the time of harvesting depends directly on the possibility of long-term storage of garlic.

Ripening of spring garlic is usually occurs in late August, I define it by yellowing of the leaves and the beginning of the lodging of the foliage. Maturation of winter — at the end of July. Here again, look at the yellowing of leaves and cracking of the wrapper at the inflorescences.

winter garlic

If you miss with the harvesting of garlic, its long-term storage becomes impossible. Bulbs will deteriorate quickly, it can be defined by the following features:

  • the bulbs apart into cloves no physical impact;
  • bulbs begin to form new roots;
  • scales, form-fitting bulb, begin to crack.

Garlic harvested and necessarily laid out to dry. If the weather is warm and rainy, this can be done directly in the fresh air. If the weather is not lucky, you should remove the garlic under the canopy. The period of drying usually leave 3-5 days. It is important to dry this vegetable along with its leaves: this will improve the quality because of the photosynthesis of the leaves and them falling on onion.

After drying, it is important to cut the roots and stem. Now you can begin to storage. Proper cleaning of garlic is an important step that ensures its long-term storage.

How to store garlic in the winter

Recommended temperature for storage of spring garlic — 16-20 degrees above zero, warm environment for the winter — on the contrary, 1-3 degrees above zero, in a cool room. In practice, of course, this often fails, and this vegetable is stored at home at room temperature.

ready winter garlic

Of course, if the garlic harvest is large, you will have to use a cellar or similar structure. It is packaged in wicker baskets, cardboard boxes and kept at the temperature 3 to 5 degrees with a humidity of 50-80%. Often the same crop is not as great as garlic is not a primary vegetable in the kitchen. The apartment will be convenient to keep a small crop. For this case there are several proven options. Among them:

  • Storage in braids and bunches. This is one of the oldest ways to store this vegetable. For this it is necessary to dry the garlic, braid it braid to hang in the room on the ceiling. Premises it is recommended to choose a dry, cool and dark can approach the pantry, and if not, then the wardrobe will be a good way out. The advantages of this method — the garlic does not take up much space. Cons — the necessary skills of weaving tight braids, that can take a lot of time and effort. It is also necessary periodically to see braids on the subject of spoiled food and throw them away.
  • Storage in the grid. It is necessary to take the mesh, fill it with garlic and hang. The advantages of this method is the ease of execution. In addition, the garlic again will not take up much space in the apartment, as it hung from the ceiling. Here again it is necessary to review the product and discard those bulbs that got corrupted. This method is like the previous one does not protect from drying out and sprouting of garlic.
  • Storage of salt. For this method you need to use a lot of salt. You can take a glass jar, fill the bottom with salt and put food in layers: a layer of garlic, a layer of salt. So, all the empty space between the garlic will be filled with salt. You can make the same action in wooden box. The positive point here is that with this method the vegetable is protected from drying out and will survive the winter almost without loss.
  • Storage in the flour. Instead of salt Housewives often choose flour for storing the bulbs. The advantage of this method is that the excess moisture is absorbed by the flour. You should take a jar, pot or other container, pour on the bottom of the flour and put the garlic, dusted in flour. It is important to pack them tightly. With this method the product will survive all winter.
  • Storage in the ash. This method is suitable for those who have cottage and bath. Ash poured in a cardboard box and put back the garlic. Here you can also adhere to the principle of layers. Thus, the vegetable is completely covered with ashes above and below. The product in the ashes well preserved until the summer. And box can be stored even in the kitchen.
  • Storage of onion skins. If you have a large crop of onions and onion peels have nowhere to put, it can be useful for storage. As containers suitable bag you need to fold the garlic and the husk. You can also use for this purpose the basket.
  • Storing food in the film. Food wrap is also suitable for storage of this product. In plastic wrap, carefully wrap each head. The advantage of the method lies in the fact that the film protects the product from drying out.
  • Storage in paraffin. For this method it is necessary to immerse every head in the wax, previously melted in a water bath. Thus protected from moisture and bacteria vegetable can be stored for a long time, until the summer.
  • Storage of sterile banks. Many Housewives store the garlic just in glass jars, fill them with salt or flour. This method is also acceptable. But it’s better to pre-sterilize jars.
  • Storage in cloth bag. You can take a normal bag and fold back the garlic. Previously recommended to treat the head in a saline solution. You can also handle the bag with the salt solution.

winter storage garlic

Ways to store garlic a lot, each owner can choose the most convenient depending on the availability of ashes, flour, or other products at home or at the cottage. By adhering to these simple recommendations mistress, her garlic will store for a long time, until the summer.

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