How to stop gas meter

Every consumer of gas, at least once wondered how to stop the gas meter? The motive of the occurrence of such ideas, as a rule, is always the same: to reduce the cost of utilities. Craftsmen widely advertise this or another easy way to steal natural gas in the state. In practice, to cheat the gas meter is not so simple. You need to know about all models of gas meters, its structure, advantages and disadvantages.

how to stop gas meter

Ways to cheat a gas meter without opening

There is a simple but controversial ways of manipulation of the indicators of the gas meter without compromising the integrity of the enclosure, namely:

  • A symbiosis of water and freezing temperatures. This method is suitable only for those customers who have the gas meter moved outside of a private home. In the winter time inside the device is filled with water. After a short stay in the cold it turns to ice, and thus paralyzes the rotation of the gears. As a result, the gas in the house does, and the counting mechanism does not respond to its movement. In the summer you can also perform a similar procedure, but the water should be poured on the edge of the counter. Entirely he did not stop, but will slow down considerably.
  • Sudden supply of gas through the gas meter. The essence of this method lies in the application Pavlodar mechanisms of the device. To do this, fully open all valves of the pipeline, and then to Unscrew up to the end of the main gas inlet valve to the system. Excessive pressure parts of the gas meter damaged and can no longer function as before. The method is controversial, because it is very dangerous and may result in the purchase of new gas meters.
  • The use of the magnet. What is the gas meter can be stopped with a magnet? To stop completely or slow down gas meter will help neodymium magnet. The method works only in case if inside of a specific model of meter installed magnetic coupling. This should be stated on the label of the device. Alas, but most modern devices of the account of gas consist entirely of plastic components.

ways of cheating the counter

Ways to cheat the gas meter by opening the devices

If there is an urgent need for manipulation on indicators counter opening cover of the device there are following ways of implementation:

  • Backdraft. This method is feasible when a house cleaner. Remove the cover of the device of gas, the fundamentals of the entrance to the counter is connected to the hose of a vacuum cleaner and then it is driven. As a result, the gears rotate in the opposite direction, and with them the volume indicators on the dial of the gas meter. It is important to remember that before all the manipulations need to shut off the gas.
  • The analysis of the internal mechanisms. This way of cheating the counter is one of the most radical. The main gas inlet valve is blocked, and the rest of the hydrocarbons in the pipe burned. After this counter is revealed and disassembled manually by the user. Next is rollback meter reading in manual mode using the motion of gears in a counterclockwise direction. You can also twist the wheels figures.
  • The installation of a special meter. You may not spend your time on the implementation of the popular methods of cheating the gas meter and to purchase a special device for metering gas, which will slow the counting gas or to stop it at the request of the user. Today the free market has counters that are equipped with remote control and speed control mechanisms inside the device.
  • Dismantling of the gas meter. This is a contrast method when the counter is running only a certain number of days in the month to form a certain amount of gas that the family uses. After that, the nozzles of the device are twisted, the meter is dismantled, and instead screwed a hose with a diameter corresponding to the width of the pipe. Thus, the gas circulates in the pipeline, is his pitch to the boiler, but the metering does not occur. At the end of the month the gas meter again return to the place. The most difficult stage of these manipulations is to restore the seals. In most cases, to copy the factory sealing is not possible.

save gas consumption

Types of gas meters which can be fooled

Gas meters are divided into separate types with the same mechanical characteristics, the presence of which allows to highlight certain shortcomings in the security system:

  • Gas meters the type of SGBV 1. They are virtually unprotected from breaking the seal. Removing the fillings can easily carry out dismantling of the gas appliance.
  • Gas meters of the type VC 4. The mechanisms that are inside them are not fully plastic. This is one of the few types of appliances, which is located inside the magnetic coupling. This type of gas meters is important to use neodymium magnet, which inhibits the movement of the wheels of the dial. It is recommended to use magnets of a power not exceeding 200 kg per square meter. More powerful can lead to damage of the coupling of the counter.
  • Gas meters type g4 NPM. Belong to the category of the diaphragm device, so the only way to influence them is to remove the back cover of the device, and rewind the meter reading in manual mode.
  • Chamber device for gas metering. Data gas meters the most common and combine a large number of different models. Shipboard they are the best by using reverse thrust of air, using a vacuum cleaner or air compressor.

the magnet on the gas meter

Is to cheat the gas meter?

Obviously, if the above theoretical knowledge and a basic set of plumbing tools can cheat the gas meter. If successful, it will be nothing but ordinary theft of natural gas. In the case of crimes, the perpetrators will be brought to criminal liability, and material damage caused by the supplier of hydrocarbons, you still have to pay, but forcibly. So before you try to cheat the gas meter, should think twice: is the game worth the candle? Better of course to focus your mind and efforts on a more practical lesson: save gas, insulation of walls and attic cover home, using as the heating of rooms premises electrical appliances. So it is possible to reduce the consumption of natural gas is absolutely legal methods.

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