How to squat to pump up the buttocks of the girl

Every girl wants to have a perfect figure. Someone God gave a slender body from birth, and someone you have time to work on yourself to get it. Female buttocks is one of the most beautiful and sexy parts of the female body, the beauty of which you can get with squats. The question arises: how to squat to pump up your buttocks? The girl is sometimes very hard to achieve the ideal shape of the buttocks, especially if she doesn’t know about the rules of performing sit-UPS.

how to pump up buttocks

In this article we will tell you about the most effective sports exercises for pumping buttocks.

What are the benefits pushups?

Ladies, dissatisfied with the state of my gluteal muscles are divided into two groups:

  • Those who have flat buttocks, which does not look feminine.
  • Those who have a large fatty layer in the pelvis, from where you want to get rid of.

And those other women want to correct the situation. Fortunately for them, the squat is something that can help. For the first group of women in such a sport will help build up the gluteal muscles to make them more feminine. As for the second group, the athletic squat is a great way to remove excess fat.

benefits of squats

Squats are useful because:

  • While they use many muscles of the body.
  • Have a positive impact on the joints.
  • During squats improves the condition of the tendons.
  • There is a positive effect on the cardiovascular system, etc.

Now let us consider how to squat for the glutes.

Secrets of squats

  • Every time you strain your squats press. Thus, your spine is fixed, and around the waist formed a kind of «corset».
  • Follow the breath. In that moment, when you make the effort, the exhalation, and Vice versa.
  • The back should be straight; do not slouch or relax the back.
  • To perform the exercise correctly, your knees should be kept over the feet.
  • Your heels should be well fixed on the floor.
  • Stick to the correct rhythm of breathing.
  • Not peretrudites. If after a few squats you feel very tired, better get some rest.

The best types of squats can be divided into three groups:

  • With the use of the goods.
  • On one leg.
  • Plie-squats.

how to squat

Squats with load

Stand up straight. Put your hands on a waist, and feet hip-width apart. Tighten your stomach and pull the whole body. For a start do a warm-up. Start slowly to perform shallow squats to warm up your muscles. Do 10 deep squats. It is important to perform them slowly without lifting your heel from the ground.

After a workout, you can start the basic exercise. Take in both hands a small weight. It is better to take dumbbells. If you have never exercised, start small and take your dumbbells, weight not exceeding 1 kg. On the weight of the dumbbells can be increased. Perform 15 squats with a load. Follow the breath. Case hold right and the socks right over heels. After the first approach you need to take a break. Then, you can take another approach.

squats with load

If, during squats you feel a strong thirst, be sure to drink water. Open one secret: dehydration fats are not burned, and the muscles are not pumped. Therefore, do not deny yourself the pleasure to drink water after sport. But don’t drink too much water, as this may interfere with exercise.

To see the result, you need to be aware of such exercises daily for 7 days. Buttock becomes inflated, elastic, and excess weight quickly goes away.

Squat on one leg

For this exercise it is important to keep your hands when you squat, they should be stationed forward of the body, and when squats are not performed exactly at the seams.

In that case, if you find this exercise too difficult, simply use a chair to lean on it during squats. That pump buttock muscles, you can feel at the very beginning of the exercise, as it quickly leads your buttocks in the desired shape. So, start the exercise. Become straight, hands at the seams. Take a deep breath and lift your arms up. On the exhale, lower them, leaning forward and slightly squatting. This breathing exercise is a wonderful workout.

squat on one leg

Now for the exercise. One foot put forward on the heel, it you lift during squats. The technique for squats is as follows: sit down, placing one leg forward and place the hands perpendicular to the floor. Don’t forget to breathe during squats. You must do 10 squats.

Have this type of sit-UPS a secret: in order to pump up buttocks faster and more efficient, the hips should touch. And in General, squat as deep as possible. Strive to get the buttocks to the floor. Do squats and get you should only smoothly.

Don’t forget to take a breather, it is enough to take 5 minutes.

If in the beginning you used the chair in order to lean on him in a few days try to do without it. During this time your muscles have certainly got stronger.

In order to muscle pump faster and better, you can increase the load on the buttocks to take up the load, such as dumbbells.

It is not necessary to off the floor heels and bend back, you need to keep your body fit. This exercise can be performed quickly. Crouch slowly and smoothly.


If you want to lose weight, but tighten your buttocks, this exercise will suit you perfectly. To accomplish it easier than the previous two, but hardly less effective.

Before the squats should do the workout. After a workout, you can start to exercise. Become straight, feet spread wide. In these squats is very important to keep your back straight it is. Socks, spread in different directions so that the heel «looked at each other. Fold your arms across your chest and begin to squat. Do the exercise very gently, avoiding pain. Do deep squats. Expand the hips to the outside, and the heels put on one line. Knees should be in line with your feet, then you will be able to achieve the correct execution of the exercises.

plie squats

You may notice that when you squat, your knee and thigh formed a right angle. Perform 10 slow sit-UPS, then relax. Take the second approach and draw on the 11th squat. Stay in this position for 30 seconds. If you did everything correctly, your hips should «burn» up to this point.

The next day after squats-plie legs and buttocks are not sick, make a banner.

Finally, give one more important advice: at the time of exercise watch your diet. To elegant shape of the buttocks is possible only if a comprehensive approach. Eat more proteins, reduce the amount of fatty and salty foods and completely abstain from fast food.

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