How to spell still?

Russian language is rich on various word momentum. It abounds in conjunctions, particles and prepositions, the functioning of which foreigners often very difficult to understand. No less problematic is the question of their writing. For example, how to spell still?

how to spell still

Meaning and morphology

For starters, you should know what kind of a combination of letters, and when is it used?

The word is a particle, and can be Union. They belong to the unchangeable parts of speech. Using all the same root of «all» and Postfix «has», it is possible to make a different word, with a fairly simple writing, which will retain the value though.

If the word is used as a particle, it expresses opposition. When it acts as a Union, it is often used in conjunction with «and», «but» and other similar words. The value obtained is very similar to nevertheless» and «however.»

Before considering examples of the use of the phrase, is to learn how to spell all the same.

How to spell still?

The word «all» is independent, therefore, faced with a similar combination, people often doubt whether to put a hyphen or, it may be worth writing even without separation?

In this matter the rule for writing prespics «yet.» It can be treated as a hyphen, or separately. In most cases, the writing will be separate, but there are exceptions.

If before «still» is an adverb, particle or verb, it will be a hyphen. For example, in the phrase «He fell asleep» «is» goes before the verb, and therefore written separately. If you do otherwise and write «He fell asleep after», the proportion of mixed forward and backward an hyphen.

In the case of the word «all», the phrase will have a hyphen. The exception is the case when words share another particle, such as «all the same».


Usage examples

And the particle and the Union will be written with a hyphen, but it should be considered in the examples.

The use of the particle: after All, you look lovely!

The use of the word: Although a Lil heavy downpour, Angus still managed to get across the mound.


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