How to spell sometime?

The word «somehow» we often use when answering the question about how or when people will carry out a deliberate action. Many causes difficulty spelling this word when typing letters or emails. Try to understand – how do you spell somehow based on the rules and options for the use of the word in the literary language.

How to spell sometime

How to spell sometime

If necessary, during typing to type «some», many of us have a fair question – how correctly to write? Together, separately or hyphenated?

According to the rules of the Russian language, this phrase is nothing more than a vague adverb. As stated in the tutorial, this part of the question (with the prefix some and suffixes, then, anything, anything is always hyphenated.

Example: somehow, somehow, where something.

how to spell sometime

The meaning of the word sometime

The phrase sometime used in the literature in the following meanings:

  • To do something is somehow hastily, carelessly, negligently, etc. mean that it will be done carelessly and the result no one takes responsibility.

Examples: the Student was in a hurry and had done my homework sometime.

The kids wanted to go outside, so the house cleaning they did somehow.

  • To perform a uncertain way. Used in the case where it is necessary to indicate the performance of a task without a clear plan of action. In this case, «sometime» can be replaced by «something», «how», «how».

Examples: Sasha has decided to help with something of his old grandmother.

Kate regretted that I hurt her friend, so wanted to do something to make amends.

the spelling of the word

  • Sometime in the indefinite future. Used in the case where the described action is not defined in time. That is, it is, but when it happens, is still unknown. In the text «sometime» can be replaced by «ever», «once».

Examples: Marika decided somehow to go for a walk with her younger sister.

Andrew remembered that he was invited to visit a neighbor boy and decided sometime to it in your free time.

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