How to spell how?

Russian language of wonder is one of the most difficult. Even people who study it from birth, it is still often faced with difficulties in writing certain phrases or words. It is often difficult to decide whether to write certain particles together, separately or hyphenated? How to spell how?

how to spell as well

What is «same»?

In order to understand how to spell, of course, is to understand the importance and use of content «the same.» This word can be Union and particle, while it will denote different phenomena.

  • «W» acts as the Union, when the two sentences are opposed to each other. Example: He went for a walk, I had to follow his children.
  • Sometimes the Union can attach the plug-in offers.
  • Quite often «the same» is a particle. For example, it can help emotionally emphasize a fact: here it is! Who knew that he was here.
  • This percentage is also used in the case when you need to determine the identity of objects or facts. Example: This is the same nonsense as all the previous options.

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Use «»

Given the fact that «same» is a completely independent element in the speech, it is easy to guess how to write it in conjunction with the «how.» Should consider several common uses for this phrase.

Often the «how» is used with «a» or «a». In this case they play the role of approval and acceptance, though, if there is irony, can Express and denial.

Example of statements: -did You go today for a walk?

-Well, of course! This is a mandatory start to my day.

Example of objection: — You decided to go for a jog?

-And how! I’ve got nothing else to do.

In combination with the particle «well», the phrase can be used as an attempt to remind the person of some fact, this is a separation by commas. Example: Well, Bob always comes home exactly for dinner.

Finally, a combination of «how» can Express someone’s confusion or surprise. It is used in questions, and it does not put commas. Example: How does he know that I’m still here?

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How to spell how?

It is obvious that the word «as» has many meanings and is used in different situations. So how is it right to write? The answer is very simple – as always written separately, regardless of the situation.

In some cases this rule can be checked by removing the particle»». As an example, consider the sentence «How beautiful you are!». In this situation, the removal of «same» will not harm the meaning of the phrase, and therefore «as» should be written separately – «How beautiful you are!».

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