How to speed up your computer Windows 7?

To work on a newly purchased computer is a pleasure – it is practically nothing, it hangs and not cope with all the tasks in record time. However, time passes and everything changes. How to speed up your computer Windows 7? How to return it to its former functioning speed?

In order to improve performance, will have to dig around in various settings, to eliminate a lot of garbage and unnecessary programs, and use some tools. The possibilities are many, and will have to deal with a variety of computer systems.

Of course, in order to significantly change the speed, you will have to upgrade, that is to buy additional RAM, new video card or other such components. However, to achieve something and using optimization settings, as their standard options are not optimal.

how to speed up computer windows 7

How to speed up your computer Windows 7?

Very often the question of speed of operation of the computer of concern to those, among others, uses it for games. Visual effects significantly affect performance, so if the video card and other components not doing their job, you need to take care about the correct settings.

To facilitate the work of the computer will have to disable almost all the effects, retaining only the most basic. This is done as follows.

  • In the Start you need to find the string used for the search. Here you can get «Visuals».

visual effects

  • The result is the «view Settings…».
  • In the window you should pay attention to two aspects. First, you need to select the item «adjust for best performance».
  • The field, located slightly below, all the checkboxes disappear. Some of them should be put in place. For example, it is better to turn off the desktop composition, styles of Windows and buttons, thumbnails, icons, and smoothing irregularities.

After this will only apply any changes. This will allow to some extent to improve the performance of your computer.


Work with hard disk

All computers have an algorithm that divides files into several fragments. They are distributed in different places of the hard disk, and when he tries to count them, it often leads to dealing with unnecessary data and time-consuming. Overall, this whole situation could affect performance.

How in this case to optimize? In General, the goal is to remove excess from the computer’s memory. First and foremost, this applies to the normal junk files. For example, many accumulated mass of films that nobody will watch a hundred times and listened to the tracks and other data.

Special attention should be paid to clean the desktop, because it often accumulates a lot of unnecessary files. Pictures, text documents of random shortcuts and stuff – probably most of this is useless.

Next, you will do programs, find and delete is not as easy as the rest.

  • Using the start button need to get to the control Panel.
  • There is a special section with the appropriate name – Remove programs.
  • A window will open with a list of everything installed on the computer. It is necessary to study carefully, noting in passing a program that can safely delete.

At the end of the process will click on the Delete button that is usually located on this list. Finally, if the hard disk of the computer is still divided into two parts (one for system files and one for user), then you need to think about this question and deal with it in the near future. It is also worth regularly to defragment.

remove programs

Features AutoPlay

Many programs on the computers are configured so that they run when you turn on the device. The more the more difficult system to work with. Therefore it is better to remove all what is not needed for the immediate operation of the computer, like antivirus. You should not touch it.

The easiest way to work with a startup using the Ccleaner program. It is useful for solving some other tasks, such as clearing the browser’s cache and delete temporary files, so it is always better to have on your computer.

  • First you need to download a program from the Internet and then run it.
  • In the left part of the window sections (Cleaning, Registry, tools, and Settings. Need to open a Service.
  • A little to the right is a list of options including Startup count.
  • It shows all programs that start with your computer.

Among the list you need to choose something without which it is possible to do at the start of the operation of the system. For example, Skype, ICQ, social networking applications, and other such things can be safely identified. After you have selected all the excess, just press the blue Delete button at the right side of the window.


The registry and memory

Sometimes after cleaning the hard disk from some programs still remains a kind of dust as they were removed completely. All this clogs the registry and affects the working memory. Due to the fact that the computer filled with configuration files, shortcuts to remote applications and other similar things, its productivity drops.

To work with the registry again, you can use the same CCleaner. In the left part of program is section with the appropriate title, followed by diagnosis and treatment. After that, it is better to check the memory for errors.

  • To start open the start.
  • For a long time to move from folder to folder, you can find the final destination.
  • To do this in the search bar enter «Troubleshooting the computer’s memory».


  • Once the desired utility is found, click on it.
  • A small window will appear with a proposal to determine the type checker. We should dwell on the first option.


  • This starts the restart process, and then will be diagnosis of RAM. Sometimes it takes a lot of time.

As a result, the reset might occur several times, until finally the computer turns on and will not give information about the results. If the system detects any problems or errors, then they should understand.


Configuring multi-core processes

Today it is quite hard to come across computers where the processor has only one core. Most often two of them, but often, and much more. They all, one way or another, affect how quickly and efficiently working PC. As a rule, the cores are set by the computer itself, but sometimes errors occur, which is activated only one of them. Such can not impact on performance.

  • In order to configure core usage, open a command prompt. This can be done using a combination of buttons and Win R and passing through the following path: start-All programs-accessories-Run.
  • As a result of any of these methods will display a string you want to write the word msconfig and click OK.


  • When you see the settings window, it will need to find the Download section and there click on advanced settings.
  • This is exactly the work with the nuclei. In the column «Number of processes» is assigned the highest available possible.

The process is completed by pressing the OK button. This method does not bring any change, if it turns out that in the source window first, it exhibited the maximum value.


The extra gadgets

Many spend a lot of time personalizing your computer desktop. In particular, the screen contains a variety of gadgets that shows the date and time, weather, speed of the Internet and any other data.

They can be used to make Desk good enough, original, and often still useful. In all this there is nothing wrong if a powerful computer can easily cope with such load. However, if the priority is performance, then such additions will have to give. They significantly affect performance.

Not necessary to remove absolutely all of the gadgets. If you want, you can leave one or two basic, but necessary, the other will have to think twice. Surely most of them do not bring anything special, but because they can be removed without loss.

screen gadgets

Power supply

Another important aspect of computers is their power consumption. Although it seems that it always happens the same way, in fact, even this factor has its own particular configuration.

How to speed up your computer Windows 7 power settings? In the first place, this question should concern those who use laptops. First, these devices exhibited a balanced regime that provides a transition in energy saving when there is little charge.

  • In order for something to change in the settings through the Control Panel to get to the section power supply.
  • On this screen you need to choose an appropriate plan. In order to speed up your computer, better to stay on the High performance.
  • After that you can access the settings of this mode.

power consumption

In this window, in the advanced settings, you can examine and modify the operation of the computer relative to the hard disk in sleep mode and when I connect the USB. This gives you the opportunity to configure the power as desired by the owner of the computer.


The manual

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