How to sign up VK without phone number?

Social network Vkontakte remains the most popular and in demand in Russia, despite all the changes, not always positive that it happened and continue to happen. How to sign up VK without phone number of interest to all who are just planning to create your own page on the website or wants to create another one.

how to sign up VK without phone number

In the era of its prosperity to become one of the million users of Vkontakte, was enough to start an e-mail. It is easily created in unlimited quantities, and because so much came out and social media accounts. People did not hesitate for more pages, regularly creating them for various purposes.

Over time, things began to change. The service gradually began to impose binding your account to your mobile phone. At first it almost does not affect functionality. The room was needed occasionally, for some narrow processes.

What happens if you don’t tie the page to the phone?

Those who have not tied a long time by the page number of the mobile, probably fully feel all the consequences of such decisions. The site has become almost impossible. First, significantly affected functionality:

  • The lack of binding does not allow the box to fill in with personal information, if it was previously empty, or to make any changes;
  • This page is not to create a group, public or anything else.

Finally, any actions on the account without a mobile binding, will lead to the permanent appearance of the captcha. Want to send a message to a friend? Start by sending a few captchas. Liked the record, it is worth to give it a like? First, enter the captcha Joining groups, writing reviews, adding friends – any actions will require constant analysis of vague sketches with their subsequent set.


Which was introduced a system of linking the number?

Why the leaders decided that the mobile number is needed to use the resource? Why is the binding so much is imposed? The answer is simple – all a matter of safety. Hack account tied to the email, not so difficult for most scams.

People often do not give sufficient amount of time to compile a password, and attackers often use other methods to pass through the system. Once inside, fraudsters can easily change the necessary data like the mail and in the page Vkontakte.

Left without access to their e-mails, people almost not be able to regain the account. Fortunately, the reference to the page number changing this situation. First, it gives the option to enable mandatory SMS confirmation. If someone decides to log on your account, even knowing absolutely all data, it will fail because you need a code, available only to the owner’s phone.

However, if the page was stolen, binding to mobile again come to the rescue. It will allow in the shortest time to restore access to your account and getting it out of the hands of criminals.


This can be needed no number?

It is obvious that mobile is extremely important for the security profile in the social network Vkontakte. So why, many wonder how to sign up for VK without a phone number?

Typically, this situation arises if one wants to make new or additional page. In fact, the administration strongly opposes such fakes, partly so the phone binding and mandatory. However, wanting to create a new account, many are faced with the situation that they have no more vacant rooms.

In this case, you can get another SIM card or ask for help from family and friends, but all this takes time and causes some inconvenience. As a result, people interested, if you can somehow get past this stage of registration?

How to sign up VK without phone number?

The most obvious answer to this question – no way. Since 2012, the website has completely refused registration by e-mailand therefore the phone remains the only objective way to obtain a new account. However, there are a couple of workarounds.

For example, you can’t use a mobile, and city number. In this case, the registration process, you will need to specify its combination of call, and then «ask the robot to call.» The machine dictates into the phone the special code required for further registration.

However, in case with a page something happens, the owner will not be able to restore access or to change the bindings. Is carefully to apply to this method.

Finally, the social network Vkontakte, more integrated with Facebook, allows you to use this resource as a way of registration. On the homepage there is a special button, but it can only see visitors from other countries.

Fortunately, the Russian-speaking citizens are quite able to impersonate aliens. You can just use one of the anonymizer, which in the Internet are abundant. The subtlety of this method is that to register on Facebook need a mobile number. However, if it is the same as that attached to the old Facebook page, it will create a new one using the same phone.


Stands to register without their own rooms?

Despite the fact that there are some workarounds that allow to register without specifying a mobile, worth the extra time to think about whether this is necessary. Only mobile snap is able to solve various security issues, which can be neglected only at your own risk.

Better to spend a couple of hours on the acquisition of new SIM-cards, or simply to alter an existing account, than to give into the hands of criminals is something important that can appear on a new page.


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