How to share wifi from laptop?

Now the Internet is practically in each house, in each apartment. Often computers on the family much more than one, and in the hands of everyone have smartphones and tablets that require access to a worldwide network. Of course, you can bring each device online cable, and you can learn how to share wifi with laptop.

how to share wifi from laptop

What is wifi?

Wi-fi is not actually the Internet itself. First and foremost, this brand creates wireless networks, more and more would have conquered the world. This word literally translates as «wireless precision».

For the first time Wi-Fi appeared in the early nineties. It was created by an engineer named John o’sullivan. Since 2009, the speed of the Internet has grown by about four times, and after 2014, she became even higher.

Now wi-fi is in almost any institution, like a large shopping Mall, food network or movie theater. To make your own network of Wi-Fi can be at home using the router, however there is another option.

wireless Internet access

How to share wifi from laptop?

If the notebook is operating Windows 7 or above, it will be available two ways that you can distribute Wi-Fi. For the first option won’t need anything extra – everything is already built into Windows, and the second requires additional software.

So, if the laptop has Internet and a wireless adapter, that device will be able to distribute wi-fi for some other equipment. For starters, in the lower right corner of the screen need to find the icon that represents access to the worldwide network. It looks like a computer monitor. It is necessary to click with the right mouse button, this will open a small list. It is necessary to select «control Center network and sharing».

the control center

After clicking on connection settings window will open, called the setup Wizard. Here you need to click on the words «wireless network configuration».


Then you need to repeatedly press the next button until a window will appear where you have to enter your wireless network settings. Here have to type the SSID and then set a password under «security Key». As a rule, it is required that in combination present the numbers and letters, and their number should not exceed eight. All that is necessary to save and again click Next.


When all these steps are done, only need to give Internet access to other devices. This is done by clicking on the «Enable shared access».


Additional configuration

If there is a need to wifi to work with printers and other similar devices, it would require very little additional configuration. They need to perform in the same window, where and configured the network itself, that is, in the control Center network and sharing. There, in the left side of the screen, click on «Change advanced settings» and in the window check boxes that will include search and access to printers. Then you just have to save the changes and close the window.

to search

Internet sharing is also possible via third-party programs. Often used Connectify. In order to learn how to share wifi from laptop using a particular program, you need to drive it a name in a search engine to find a detailed instructional video.

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