How to seal an air mattress with his hands

An air mattress is a useful and universal subject, the need for which periodically arises in everyone. The mattress is used in a variety of situations: travelling, on vacation, at the cottage, as a bed for unexpected guests, and many others. The mattress has many advantages in comparison with fixed beds, couches and chairs, but it has a serious drawback: since it is a rubber product, its operation can be punctured, cut, or break.

There are many ways to violate the integrity of the mattress:

  • to puncture from beaks, teeth or claws Pets;
  • it can be burnt by fire from a campfire or a cigarette on holiday;
  • strong compression or excessive inflation may lead to divergence along the seam;
  • the mattress can be cut by sharp glass or pierce branch.

Therefore, it is necessary in the operation of the mattress to follow basic rules to avoid spoilage. But, if the problem is with the mattress still appeared, you need to repair inflatable mattress. It is quite possible to do yourself. Consider how to repair an inflatable mattress at home.

The procedure for restoring the mattress to the following:

  • preparation of work area, tools and materials;
  • leak detection in the mattress;
  • sealing punctures, and installing patches in the mattress.

Now consider each item separately.

Place tools and materials

For repair need as much space as the mattress is inflated. It is necessary for the normal search of the leak. As the tools and materials necessary to take the following:

  1. glue for rubber, or any universal; for example, «Moment» or «Uranium»;
  2. the degreasing agent is alcohol or solvent;
  3. the patch from PVC (you can use the spare piece of material that goes with the mattress, but if it is already lost or used, come to the aid of a piece of old mattress or inflatable toy);
  4. the dryer with the temperature not over 200 degrees;
  5. any writing, token;
  6. glue brush or swab;
  7. a pair of scissors.

In addition, you may need more:

  • soapy water or shaving cream;
  • fine sandpaper;
  • roller for rolling the splices;
  • weight for pressure when gluing.

Detection of air leaks

The first method requires the repair silence. The mattress is inflated with a small excess of pressure and sound are determined by the locations of leaks. You can hold a hand at a height of 1-3 cm above the surface of the mattress – the leak palm, feel a slight chill.

You can submerge the mattress quite in a large tank of water and air bubbles easily identify the leak, however, in terms of apartments in high-rise building, this method is unlikely.

This method is most common on the surface of the mattress is foam from soap or a shaving foam. Where there are pinholes – blisters.

And, perhaps, the most effective way is to fill the inside of the mattress a few liters of water mixed with any wash. After pouring liquid mattress to spool the air and made his turns and shifting to different positions. In places where there are holes, the water will leak.

Sealing mattress

When the leak point is found, no need to rush to open the adhesive tube. Before you seal an air mattress, it is necessary to conduct a preliminary inspection of the damage and choose the most optimal solution to the problem.

Special attention should be paid to the mattresses with the velour or pile coating. The surface to which the patch is to be glued must be completely cleaned of lint. This can be done by using solvent.

The procedure for the sealing of the mattress to the following:

The mattress deflates. The damaged area is straightened, it is placed on a flat surface. Cut a patch of available material – it should be round or oval. You can just scissors to round the corners. The sizes of the patches should be 2-3 cm higher than the damaged area.

After this patch is applied to the affected area and encircled with a marker. Then, by providing the patch and the damaged area of inequalities using a fine sandpaper for better adhesion. Completed this phase degreasing of surfaces to be bonded with solvent.Surfaces are covered with brush or swab with a thin layer of glue.

After that, you need to let the glue dry for 15 minutes. Then applied a second coat of glue and again it dries in 15 minutes.

Now you can start gluing. First glue on both surfaces should be slightly warmed with a hair dryer. The temperature of the heated air must be small. So we can use the normal household hair dryer. The main thing is not to overdry the adhesive after dryer it should slightly stick.

Heated a patch placed on damaged area and using a roller remove air bubbles.

Can be left on 24 hours the join under load, and it is possible and without it. The main thing – do not bend during this time the damaged area.

Error when gluing

Now let’s consider the most typical errors that occur during the sealing of mattresses.

The most common problem faced by beginners is the large amount of adhesive applied. This approach is incorrect because, the thinner the layer of glue, the stronger it will hold. It is better to apply several thin coats with drying them before applying.

Another problem is the use of acetone as a degreaser, as a rule, the acetone is corrosive to most materials of construction for inflatable mattresses.

Well, of course, many people forget about the necessity of close contact and no air bubbles directly in the bonding, from which the patch may fall almost immediately after gluing.

Video instruction

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