How to sculpt from clay

Clay is very well developed fine motor skills of children, it is therefore very often used at leisure. He also contributes to the development of children’s thinking, imagination. That is why everyone should know how to sculpt from clay a particular shape to teach your baby.

how to sculpt from clay

Today there are a lot of different kinds of clay, that is why sculpt is much more interesting and enjoyable. It is presented in different colors and shades, pick up a suitable option for a particular figure will not be difficult.

General rules of conduct with plasticine

Today in stationery shops you can find very many different varieties of clay in combination with tools that can be used in the process of training. These are:

  • Toy knives.
  • Mold for molding.
  • Board.
  • Swipe.
  • Figures of animals.

It all helps in every way to diversify the game, to give the child more bright impressions and pleasant emotions at the time of molding. If you want your child quickly mastered the basics of modeling, you need to start with the small, and it was riding balls, pyramids, triangles. Gradually the tasks need to complicate to the child to develop and quickly learned how to make more complex figures. No need to do all the work for the kid, because in that case he wouldn’t be interested, and all your efforts will be in vain. For learning material, the child himself must perform the figures.

Preparing for sculpting

Before you begin the process of modeling is to prepare for it. You must prepare all the necessary tools and boards, but also to take care of the comfort of the child is located. The table must match its growth. Put it on the table Board for sculpting, lay around all peripheral devices and the clay.


preparing for sculpting

Buying playdough, be sure to pay attention to its color, the brighter it is, the with great interest the little one will do. The child from an early age to be accustomed to beauty, and to tell which was which color. As a rule, first the clay is not soft, that is why it is necessary to stretch. This case falls on the shoulders of parents, because the child is unlikely to achieve such a result.

If you set the child a task to sculpt a particular figure, and he doesn’t know how to do it, do not immediately rush to help him. Give the kid the right to think, put next to him a toy that he needs to blind. Children have a good visual memory, which is why baby will be able to reproduce the image for example.

How to sculpt from clay cat

It is best to put the child a task to blind cat that lives at your house or at the cottage. First we need to roll out small «sausages», then using a children’s knife on the sides to make small incisions that will play the role of the legs. Then give the figure round shape and bend it in an arc. Then go to performance heads for cats.

how to sculpt a cat

Make one small circle and two small circle, what will be the lugs. In the form of antennae are six small threads of clay, three on each side. Eyes and a nose also needs to be done in the form of small balls. Then combine them all into one big ball. A small «sausage» and put in the area where should be located the tail for the cat. That’s all of 20 minutes and the figure is ready. If the baby does not work the first time, you can help him.

How to sculpt plasticine man

For this job you will need a solid pre-heated clay. With it you must run a small but long cylinder. There is a secret. If in the case of a cat we used many different elements of clay, in this embodiment, it is possible to make a beautiful man from one of the cylinder without tearing the clay.

In the resulting extended cylinder make a small patch for the head. Below is a little press on the center of the cylinder and formed at the sides of the handle man. Down below, in the same way try to make the legs for the little man. Decorate the resulting figure is already possible by using separate figures from clay. To do this, do the eyes, nose, lips, ears. Also use another color of plasticine can be done for little man clothes.

as the blind man

At the time of sculpting clay there are no restrictions, you must rely solely on their imagination and the imagination of the little one that you need educational classes. Whichever option you prefer, you will definitely get a beautiful and finished figures.

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