How to recover a page in VC?

The social network page is a place where people are not just communicating with friends, but also gradually accumulate a variety of items – photos, videos, interesting posts from groups. Sooner or later, many are faced with the question of how to restore a page in the VC again to regain all of their materials.

Losing access to your account can be for various reasons. Among them the two most common intentional removal page and hacking by hackers. Often the owner simply forgets the username and / or password, without which it is impossible to access. Each case will have its own method of solving problems, which and to understand.

how to recover a page in VK

Login issues

In order to restore the Facebook page after the loss of data to log, it will be necessary, first, to restore the data itself. Most often, the person simply forgets the password. If this happens, then, first of all, you need to try to remember the combination, try to find it somewhere in the browser.

Very often the password is stored, but not shown immediately, when entering the website. In order to make it appear, Google Chrome, Opera and other browsers you can double-click on the line for login. In some older Opera browser that can also be done using the combination of buttons Ctrl and Enter.

Sometimes the password information is stored somewhere in the depth of information browser. For example, in Mozilla such data is stored in the Settings in the security tab. In most other they need to look in the Settings tab, there is the item «Passwords and forms».

In addition, before proceeding to the restore page, you should check the correctness of combinations, the language layout, the Caps Lock, etc.

How to regain access if you lose your password?

If nothing helps, you just have to get a new password. For this, first and foremost, need access to a mobile phonenumber used during registration (or have been attached later).

To start the procedure you need to go to the recovery page access It will include step by step instructions, following which, you can regain health.

  • You must specify a username or phone number associated with the account.


  • After simple manipulations you will be prompted to create a new password.

The situation becomes much more complicated if the owner has no access to the required phone number. It can simply be lost or be out of reach. In any case, have to go to a special recovery service.

  • Here you need to specify a link to the account, access to which was lost.


  • As a rule, it is no one at hand is not stored, and therefore it will have to find. To do this, below is a link to search by people.
  • In order to find your page in search, you can use practically any data that was on it.
  • Once the record is found, click «my page».

this is my page

From this moment begins the most important phase of the recovery process. The greatest problems occur, if the page were listed a non-existent name. The fact is that for the return of access will have to take a picture of yourself, your passport, and even monitor screen.

  • First and foremost, in a special window you need to specify at least a working phone number. Good point-and the old, to which was tied the page, but usually the whole process happens just because this room is not available.
  • The next step is to upload the pictures. On the restore page drawn examples of how this image should look like. On the photo must show the face of the wearer and the page itself.
  • Then will begin the most responsible moment – download of scanned documents, mostly passports. If desired, the image editors you can hide the number and other information. It is important that the VK administration could see the name and personal photo.
  • Finally, just have to click on Next and confirm all information being sent. Since then, the moderators will start to work on the problem and, if successful, will return the access to the page.

This process can take some time, but if all information is correct, then sooner or later the account will return to its owner.

recovery page VK

How to recover a page in the VC in the case of intruders?

Lock the page Vkontakte happens for various reasons. Most often this is due to the fact that the owner sent many messages that the moderators have taken for spam. In addition, the account could fall as a result. If the administration were able to notice, then they will block access.


The same image appears when your computer is infected with viruses. This often leads to the appearance of messages that you want to send SMS or to pay a fee. Of course, it’s a hoax, the site Vkontakte is often like that from the likes need to stay away.

So, first and foremost, you should scan your computer for viruses. For example, you can start a scan by using a free utility Doctor Web, or use existing licensed programs. If the lock was arranged by the moderators of the site, you can go directly to the recovery procedure.

  • Most often, for defrosting of the page, simply re-enter it to enter a telephone number, a new password and other required data.
  • The key point will be the introduction of a code that send to your mobile phone.


  • If the page owner (or seized her attacker) made a really serious violations, while trying to get to the account person will see the specific period for which the exposed lock. To access it before the end really only with support.
  • Sometimes, you may see that the page is blocked forever. If in the first case, simply wait, this option requires direct contact to the Support.

If an attacker changed the password, you will come again to the page to restore. In addition, Support can be contacted via email —

blocked forever

How to restore health after the removal?

Any user of the social network Vkontakte can always delete your account. Just go to the main settings page, then scroll it to the end, select «Delete page», to indicate the reason and to confirm their actions.

Almost always, after some time after the appearance of the avatar of the gray dog, the man decides to restore access to your account. At the stage of removal of the administration warns the owner that he can do it only for seven months. If the time has not expired, then the problem is solved very simply.

How to recover a page in VK:

  • You need to go to the site «Vkontakte».
  • Enter your login information.
  • With the appearance of information about what the page is removed, you need to pay attention to the left part of the screen – button to restore.
  • After clicking on it, the account will return to its normal state.

In case, if seven months from the time of deletion has passed, the situation becomes much more complicated. First, you will have to contact the technical support. They, in turn, will likely require a photo of the owner, his passport, screen and everything else that was described above.

There are times when Support is not able to regain access to the account for seven months. Therefore, it is best to think twice before throwing the remote page in such a long time. It is wiser just not to delete it, than it’s difficult trying to figure out how to restore the page in the VC.

how to restore health after removal

Video instruction

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