How to restore a page at Classmates?

The social network has touched all – uses them not only youth, but also quite Mature people. Among them, the most popular website Classmates. Some wonder how to apply this resource, others are asking how to fade out, but there are those who are curious about how to restore a page at Classmates?

how to recover a page in Facebook

Today, this social network is on the seventh place according to its popularity, not only in Russia, but also Kazakhstan. In the world she is at the fifty-fifth place. Five years ago there were more than one hundred million people, and throughout the year, this figure exceeded $ 156 million. Approximately fifty million of users continued to be added every year. As of mid-2015, every day Classmates visited by more than seventy million people.

Story Classmates

The history of this resource begins with 2006. In those days a Russian developer named albert Popkov Mihailovich lived in the British capital. There he worked in the telecommunications sector, thereby able to participate directly in the development of such projects.

Such experience is very useful, since March 2006, albert began creating Classmates as a personal hobby. However, the number of visitors grew so rapidly that albert Mikhailovich decided to create a legal entity. For several months the website gathered more than half a million people. For the year this figure doubled.

The resource is in constant development. Each year, Classmates have new a variety of functions. For example, in 2016, the site got an opportunity to broadcast, make money transfers, and there integration with popular online Instagram.

Creating and deleting pages

Today to create a page on Facebook is a snap.

  • For starters, you need to go to the website myspace.EN.
  • On the page, you need to find the button «Register» and click on it.
  • In the next window you need to enter various information about yourself. In the appropriate fields fits name, date of birth, place of residence and other various data. In the end you will need to create a password and finish creating an account click «register».

classmates registration

This will begin the long process of filling out your profile. Users Classmates can write different information about themselves, add a lot of photos and videos to create a variety of notes and comments.

However, sooner or later, many who decides that they no longer want to be in this social network. Some people seek to hide from others, others want to move to a new social network, and sometimes they decide to reject such resources. Anyway, in this case they decide to delete the page.

Early Classmates was not equipped with the normal method of deleting a page. People had to enter ?amp;st.layer.cmd=PopLayerDeleteUserProfile in your URL to the account disappeared. The final deletion could occur in about three months.

Today, in order to delete a page, you must click on «Regulations» at the bottom of the website. Under the text there is a button «Withdraw from services». After people write, why he decided to remove the account and enter the password, the page will be deleted.

classmates deletion

How to restore a page at Classmates?

Often people, having lived some time without social networking, decide that there is nothing wrong to start again to use these resources. In this case a reasonable question arises, how to recover a page at Classmates?

Of course, people are interested in this not only because when they removed the page. It could destroy the attackers, and it could be blocked by administrators of the website.

  • If the page was hacked and locked, then return it by using password recovery. For this process you need a user name and email address or phone number, depending on what is tied to your account). Then you need to go to the address and follow the instructions given there.
  • If the page was blocked by the administration, you should contact support. Finding the appropriate section on the website, please fill in the form, submit and wait for the results.



However, all, of course, concerned with the question of how to restore a page in Facebook, if he have it specially removed?

The answer is very simple – no way.

In the regulations, which is before deleting your account, it clearly States that when deliberate removal of the page is not subject to further recovery. Some occasionally try to cheat these rules by messages of support. They are trying to say that the removal of an accident or the fault of the attackers, but such is rarely even just considered.

In such cases, it is easier to just create a new account, try to invite old friends and to recreate the lost information.

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