How to repost on Instagram

Today the mega-popular social network was Instagram. Among its users it is possible to meet movie stars and show business, artistic and creative personalities, media people and ordinary people. All of them have one thing in common – the desire to show life in all its glory, thanks to the standard set of filters. Looking through their photos, netizens write comments, bet lucky and share any content. But such a function as a repost, the developers of the program did not foresee. So today began to appear a variety of programs, allowing you to do this. How to repost on Instagram?

how to repost on instagram

The most common way how to repost in Instagram

If you don’t have an official mobile app Instagram, but you want to repost, you come to the aid of diverse applications. To do this, follow the simple instructions:

  • Open a photo or video that you would like to share with your followers.
  • Create a screenshot of the page. Depending on your phone model, you can do it using the various buttons. For example, for owners of Samsung or Android, it is enough to simultaneously press the power button and the volume. Apple – Home button and Turn on.
  • Now we have to upload the file from the library, if necessary cutting it.

In social networks repost has some advertising, by which information is quickly delivered between users of the website. In Instagram everything is different. Here for a quick dissemination of relevant information used likes. With their help, many public people promote their pages, gaining a large number of subscribers.


How to repost using the app

This method of reposting on Instagram harder, and therefore less popular. To do this:

  • go to any app store;
  • locate the program, which in the search box type in «repost for instagram»;
  • to be installed on your smartphone any you application;
  • run the application and start to repost.


Consider how to do it on the example of InstaRepost. Included in the app by entering the username and password for Instagram. Is there a way to login without entering their data. To do this:

  • click «Repost without login»;
  • click «Open Instagram»;
  • select the required photo or video;
  • over photos find the 3 dots and copy the link to the file;
  • in the application window we find the proposal InstaRepost to repost, clicking on which will open the image with the name of the author;
  • below you will see the settings – save, share, repost;
  • select and repost the photo falls into the list of Instagram.


The disadvantage of this method is that the photo will remain the logo of the program. Clean it only using the paid version of InstaRepost.

Do repost the video

To repost video on Instagram, using the above-described applications or using the insert code on the page. To do this:

  • open any video where to find a special window, which has information on its code;
  • paste the copied code to the page, and then all your followers can see it.
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