How to remove Your copy of Windows 7 is not genuine 7601?

The question of how to remove Your copy of Windows 7 is not genuine 7601, very popular, and this is not surprising. Unlike Western countries, the Russian-speaking population does not consider piracy in the Internet space something indecent, wrong. The result is multiple copies of operating systems installed on computers is not as it should have been.

Simply put, the error of build 7600, 7601 etc. – it is the attempt of Microsoft to protect against piracy. Of course, the appearance of a black screen and white text does not prevent to continue to use the computer, but it’s better still to be addressed.

Sometimes the problem arises with licensed copies of Windows. Like, of course, is quite rare, but even the owners purchased the operating system does not hurt to explore resolve this error (which, as a rule, and not an error).

How to remove Your copy of Windows 7 is not genuine 7601?

How to remove Your copy of Windows 7 is not genuine 7601?

There are various methods of solving the problem, sometimes several. For example, a black screen and the words appear in the result of the so-called KV 971033. Thus, to eliminate the popup errors need to delete this file.

  • Through the start, get into control Panel, where you will open the Windows update.
  • On the bottom left will soon appear in the Installed updates.
  • The list should be examined for the presence therein of the desired file. You can enter the name listed above in the search bar, or simply browse all the options.
  • After the object is find, it should highlight with a mouse click, and then click Remove. You need to confirm your consent.

The computer will disappear the update that says that the copy of Windows is not genuine. Over time, it is better to keep the remote file is not downloaded again.


Activation build

A build error occurs, if the system was unable to activate it, as this OS version is not registered. Thus, to remedy the situation, you can try to activate it using a special Activator.

The main problem of this method stems from the fact that the vast majority of sites on the Internet that promote themselves as provide access to download Activator, actually created only to infect computers with viruses.

To find a really safe and works very difficult. You can not believe the comments in the description, the polls say that «everything works, everything is fine» and you can just delete that requires a mobile number. It will take a lot of time to find the link.

Before downloading the activator, you need to disable antivirus. Many people prefer the program RemoveWat. After installation, you need to act as the program says, and if all succeed, then the error message will disappear.

In any case, after the use of such utilities will not prevent to run the computer using Dr. Web to remove unnecessary files using Ccleaner and re-enable the antivirus.

the build error


Both the method above does not always work. Sometimes you have to work hard in order to resolve the build error. In particular, you need to delete some files with admin rights.

  • First, open the start.
  • There you select the Computer, and the disk only if the user has not moved the system files to another partition, such as drive D.
  • In the disk need to find the Windows folder, and System32 in it. Once in it, it’s better to just run a search, so as to find the desired file on your own is extremely difficult. In line need to kill C7483456-A289-439d-8115-601632D005A0.
  • Sometimes the search yields no results. It happens with pirated copies of Windows. Also sometimes some numbers are slightly different. In all these cases, the file will still have to find that manually.

Once it is found, it is necessary to remove, move to trash, and clearing it. Then will only have to restart the computer to see that black screen with the error disappeared.


Using Regedit

In some cases, is not triggered and the previous method. If you want, you can access regedit, but first it is better to check out the other methods. The fact that wrong actions in this program the methods seriously impair the functioning of the entire computer. If the person is not confident, then it is better to look at other options or to ask someone to help.

  • First you need to open a command prompt. This is done through the start menu and click run, or using a combination of Win and R.
  • When displayed, it will need to score regedit and start the process, click OK.
  • When the window appears, it will need to find the Edit to enable the context menu and start the search for Wgalogon.
  • After some time the file will be highlighted in blue.
  • It should be placed in the basket, clean it, and thus it will be removed.

In order to reduce the risks, preferably in advance to write to the disk or other media deleted files. After that you can delete them from the computer.

Start sticking

Disabling automatic updates and service SPPsvc

Sometimes in order to resolve the question of How to remove Your copy of Windows 7 is not genuine 7601, it is sufficient to disable the automatic updates.

  • Via the start menu back into Windows update.
  • Here you need to open Settings.
  • In the list, check the «check for updates, but the decision is accepted me.»


Sometimes the file C7483456-A289-439d-8115-601632D005A0 removal process described above, is not a just. The fact that it can be hidden. In order to display the file you have to disable the service SPPsvc.

  • This is done through the control panel.
  • Need to get into Settings folder and select there the box.
  • In this window the checkbox next to «Hide extension».
  • Next to «Show hidden files…», on the contrary, it is necessary to put a tick.
  • After this will apply the changes and click on OK.


Now I have to go to the Administration section, which is also located in the control Panel. It is count Service.

  • Services need to find Protection software.
  • It should be extracted by right clicking in the popup list to note «Stop».

You can then proceed to delete the files, causing the build errors on Windows 7 when it was impossible before.


Further action

Overall, at this stage you can complete resolve the error. However, it should take another few steps. For example, being in the System32 folder, you can delete multiple files.

  • LegitCheckControl.dll
  • WgaLogon.dll
  • WgaTray.exe

It is also better to take care of them, copies of which may be in the DllCache folder. If you want, you can not delete files, but only to give them other names. The system still will not be able to work with them.

If the error is fixed, but before it was switched off Protection software, then it should be returned to its normal state. For this you need to do all that I described above (to open the control panel, to get into service), only after right click, select Run, and not Stop. The error correction Assembly is completed.

Video instruction

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