How to remove write protection from USB drive?

Almost all people know how to use flash drives, dropping them to the desired information. But often there is an unpleasant situation – removable drive is locked. How to remove write protection from a flash drive, so it could again be used to write files?

How to remove write protection pendrive?

There are 2 options remove the protection from a flash drive:

  • Software, which requires the interaction of your flash drive with the software. The problem can be solved by using the registry editor, command prompt or local group policy.
  • Hardware. Only available for some models of USB drives that have a lock switch. It is usually located at the side of the stick. You should carefully consider your drive to find the inscription Lock » or a padlock icon. To remove the protection, you simply move the lock icon to the other side. You can then try again to perform the write operation. If this option is not available, you can use the software.

Removing protection using registry editor

To make available a USB flash drive to write files using regedit. You must click on program, right-click, then go to the menu item «Run as administrator». Then go to StorageDevicePolicies. In some versions of Windows is missing, so you’ll have to create it manually. In this case, you should press the Control-to Create a Partition. Section name StorageDevicePolicies.

In the right column of the registry you need to create a DWORD value. Its value must be zero. If it’s higher, you need to click on the parameter and change its value to zero. You then remove the stick, reboot the computer and then back to insert a USB flash drive. Held manipulation needs to ensure the normal operation of the drive. It must operate in the usual mode for it.

Registry editor

How to remove protection by using the command line?

If the registry has not given any result, unlock the drive by using Diskpart command line. To do this:

  1. In the search bar «start», enter the name of the Windows command line-cmd). It is important that the start was as an administrator.
  2. Then you need to enter the command diskpart/list disk, and after each one press Enter. The command row
  3. You should select the appropriate name of the drive. If the flash drive needs to be cleaned, you must enter the command «clean».

How to remove the protection using local group policy

This is the most efficient way, but it runs the most difficult. Therefore, its use is resorted to only in extreme cases. To open the editor, press the keys Win+R. Then type gpedit.msc and press Enter.

After that you should go to computer settings – Administrative templates – System – removable media Access. Now you need to pay attention to the state of removable drives. Should write: «Deny read». If this option is enabled, you should disable it. The selected parameters are saved, you must click on «OK».

Local group policy

If none of the methods did not help to solve the problem with a flash card, should visit the official website of the manufacturer. There’s got to be possible problems and ways of their elimination. The flash drives have a shelf life (the most possible number of records), after which the drive enters a «read-only». In this case you need to buy a new device.

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