How to remove the damage? The features and methods

People’s lives depends not only on them, but from a Higher power. Happens that comes to man is a moment, when life is a whirlwind. He begins to seek the cause of what happened, and comes to the conclusion: «if I did Not get under the building damage?» immediately after that arises the problem of how to remove the damage.

how to remove the damage

The removal of damage performed by wizards, magicians, or you can do it yourself. If it happened already, that man came under negative influence, then this is the share of the Higher Forces. Sometimes it happens that people by their behavior and actions have earned that influence. But in any case should be free.

Features of removal of damage

The ritual is done with the help of plots for special purposes, also used the drinking water or teas prepared with herbs. To rid of negativity, you need to undergo several sessions. The process of conducting a good start to the twenty-sixth day of the month. It is most helpful in the treatment from damage. Also suitable for the nineteenth and the twenty-ninth day of the month. In addition, the Moon must be waning — this is the Golden rule procedure. Fits very well last quarter.

Ways of removal of damage

There are several ways that are used in the removal of damage.

  • On their own, but without the help of the most highs of Forces. First of all, you need to ask for God’s help, the forces of Light, to determine the original cause of what happened, and allow the treatment itself. After that the effect will lose power over the victim and a Higher Power will be able to pick it up. That man could work himself, he needs to have a good relationship with the Higher powers, understanding Spiritual Laws, at least approximately, to work on his mind by using certain techniques.

When removing the damage, you can use Prayer, repentance, and other forms of rituals that take place with the participation of a Higher power.

how to remove the damage

A special point which people miss is that the individual that falls under permanent negative impact is related to karmic testing. This is due to the negative acts associated with past life. He terrified the people, and now brings suffering and bad effect on her. It is on the healers, sorcerers silent. In this case, for de damage a person performs repentance for their actions in a previous life, atones for the sins, after which the negative impact is removed in a high rate.

  • Using the support of a Spiritual Healer with the best intentions. He determines the cause of what happened – it can be a weakness, a karmic punishment for sin. After removes these reasons. Process the Healer performs together with the Higher powers, thus are given the opportunity to get rid of damage. People understand their mistakes, weaknesses and defeats them. Thus, it is changing for the better and bad energy leaving.

How to remove the damage meltwater

The course of the ritual is 10 days.

For holding prepared the bucket with the melt water. Man becomes next to him and three times recites the prayer «our father» over the water. Then, you should seek the assistance of God to forgive sins, recovery from damage, which is induced on it.

The second step is the reading of the Holy Scriptures «the true Cross» is also over water. While reading the sign of the cross.

damage removal professional

Water got a boost from reading prayers. For this you need to type in the palm of the water. Otherwise, clothing is removed, and the body rubbed with water. This should appeal to all the saints in supplication about the exorcism into the abyss.

How to remove the damage chicken egg

The procedure uses raw eggs. They are one of the most effective methods of removal of damage. The cycle is ten times.

The ritual is performed in the evening before dreams. To do this, take a Cup of water and pour raw egg. The content is placed near the bed headboard. At the same time to utter the prayer «our father» or a conspiracy of national origin. In the morning the contents of the tank poured into the toilet. Throughout the course you must follow the form of eggs. It changes every day and the more he will have a kind of «cooked» eggs, the better the negative is removed from the victim. This process is recommended to implement as a preventive. Then the egg is placed beside the bed near the head. This is done in unfavourable days according to the lunar calendar.

How to remove the damage chicken egg

On the last day you should ask for help from loved ones. It needs vykatat fresh human egg, save us from damage. First you need to lie on your back, and the helper must roll an egg over the body lying. It should roll, starting with the toes on my left foot to the head, only on the left side and turn right side locativ him to his feet, and then back to the left side. Such actions are performed three times. Then the patient should lie on her stomach, and helps performs the same movement on right leg. In the end, the egg is ejected.

The removal of damage by using photos

For the procedure you will need:

  • The photo of the man induced damage.
  • A white sheet of paper, a little more for the photograph.

It is glued to the paper in the middle. Then it is placed in the heart area and worn for three days. At the end of the process you need to take a saucer and light the candle. Take a sheet of paper with the photograph and trim off the excess paper at the portrait.

Photograph hidden in an envelope of dark tones and stored in a place inaccessible to others. The cropped part of the paper is incinerated by the candle flame, and the ashes thrown into the toilet and rinse.

Errors which occur healers, mages, removing the damage

Sorcerers and psychics, do not have enough experience, make mistakes. About them of course no one says, but they need to know.

secrets of removal of damage

  • During the removal of damage very often does not apply to Karma. The influence effect of the karmic cause. Therefore, for its removal need to get rid of it. When removing the damage without asking, some time it will work. But over time, can get the punishment he who filmed the damage and who was doing the process. In this regard, manifest illness in healers, psychics, as well as suffer their descendants who have serious problems.
  • When using healers is dark forces. Really this can go shineth not; yea, from forces. But that’s illegal and the consequences nobody answers. After a person can pay with the fate or lives of people close to him. A lot of healers have no idea of the forces with which they work. That raises suspicion.
  • When the healer performs it all himself. In this case, the person is not given the opportunity to work through those moments that you need from him. He cannot change for the better. This rule is necessary in order to remove the root cause of the negativity. The person should ask forgiveness from a Higher power. To remove the damage can be different, but there needed to be some effort on yourself.

This is the main task helps. People should be aware of what has occurred and to change. If all is done correctly, no anomalies will not arise. The main role is played by the consciousness of the individual. Then you can be calm for yourself and others.

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