How to remove shellac at home

Every woman wants to look at 100%. To emphasize the success and status helps her beautiful manicure. But, unfortunately, except for beauty treatments in each of our lives there are still a lot of homework. To withstand such a test is not under the power of any nail Polish. So after a few days, it looks not aesthetically pleasing. It does not help even a special coating of varnish. To help women come shellac. Let us consider — what is it, how to use and how to remove shellac at home?

How to remove shellac at home

What is shellac

Recently, beauty salons have offered the girls a new procedure called shellac. This kind of manicure, but rather the nail coating, which combines nail Polish with gel. Now, in order for a woman to look perfect, she doesn’t need to increase the nails. It is enough to apply Polish to the prepared nail surface. Available a huge palette of shades.

Shellac applied at the salon because for this procedure you need a special UV lamp used for drying of varnish. Although in recent years, more and more girls learn the technique of shellac, buy a lamp and make yourself a manicure yourself. This is quite convenient, because you can always change its color. And here another problem arises. The coating of shellac is very persistent and remove it is not so easy. Not to go to the salon you can use the following methods of removal of shellac at home.


What you need for a home coating removal shellac

Everything you need for a home coating removal shellac can be found in the special set. It is composed of a special wrapper, grinding metal nail file, wooden pens, made of wood of orange and a solvent designed for such coverage.

If you need to remove shellac at home, but you don’t have the special set, you will come to the rescue:

  • Regular aluminum foil (instead, some people use regular plastic wrap, which is in every kitchen).
  • Cotton pads (you can use normal cotton wool).
  • Acetone (also suitable concentrated liquid designed to remove nail Polish or isopropyl alcohol).
  • How orange sticks can be used any other wood or pusher, which is used for moving away the cuticle during a manicure.

a kit to remove shellac

Remove the shellac yourself

The technology of removing the gel Polish as follows:

  1. Hands should be well washed with soap and water to get rid of any fatty substances from their surface.
  2. Cotton pads are divided into 2 parts, then each of them cut in half. As a result, you should get 4 Crescent with 1 cotton pad. Foil (or plastic, if you decide to use it) just cut into small pieces, which will wrap your finger.
  3. Each piece of cotton wool impregnated with acetone and applied to the nail. It is important not to allow the solvent on the skin around the nail, because this can lead to irritation or even burns.
  4. The top phalanx of a finger with laid on top of the cotton pad wrapped in foil and fixed. This procedure gradually we do with each finger. Keep in this form, the nails need 10-15 minutes. While you wait, do a few rotational massage movements of each nail.
  5. After 10-15 minutes, the foil is carefully removed from the nail. This is done in the same sequence in which it was applied.
  6. After removing the foil from the first finger, immediately remove the softened coating from the nail. To avoid damage to the nail plate, it should be done as carefully as possible. Thus, the varnish will be removed from all nails.
  7. If gel Polish places were unable to remove, treat them with solvent and clean the nail from their remnants with a stick.
  8. To keep your nail and protect it from drying and thinning, nail after the procedure is covered with oil.

how to remove shellac at home

Method of removing shellac with acetone

There is another way to remove nail shellac at home. You will need acetone. There is such a method, both advantages and disadvantages. Is it faster, so you can control the process as they see their nails. However, this method cannot be called easy. For him you need to prepare:

  • Acetone;
  • The container, which can fit two hands;
  • Cream;
  • Machine for grinding the nail plate;
  • Orange stick or regular pusher.

The process of removing varnish with the following:

  1. Using a sanding nail file removed the top layer of the coating.
  2. Pour acetone into a container.
  3. Fingers liberally lubricated any fat cream.
  4. Nails are gently lowered into a container of solvent for 8 minutes. During this time the gel Polish needs to soften.
  5. Remove the softened shellac using the pusher.
  6. My hands with warm water and soap and apply a nourishing cream.

removing gel Polish

Tips for home removal of shellac

Deciding to remove shellac at home you need to follow some rules:

  1. Do not use acetone. He is able to injure the skin around the nail and cuticle.
  2. To cover better shot, when you remove the cotton pad or cotton wool, make a neat rotary motion by the nail.
  3. To secure the cotton pads on your nails if you have no foil you can take an ordinary rubber band.
  4. For those who have skin is very sensitive, it is better to produce removal of shellac in the salon.
  5. After the procedure, make their hands on the mask, which will make nails strong and skin smooth.
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