How to remove gel nail Polish at home?

Most girls know how to apply gel Polish on the nails, this procedure is painless and to make it will not make any difficulties, but to remove this coating is much harder than to apply. This procedure takes quite a lot of time and many don’t have the time to use it. For this case, there is another option to remove the coating yourself, but you need to know how to remove gel Polish at home.

The mistake many do?

How to remove gel nail Polish at home?

Sometimes there are cases that get to the correction to the master, nor the time and most women come up with the idea to use a barbaric way, ruthless and cruel in relation to the marigolds. They begin to rip off in the truest sense of the word gel Polish, tearing it along with part of the nail plate. Barbaric way for ignorance will lead to the fact that the nails become dry and brittle. Most women and girls have heard that this coating damage the nails, but it’s probably feedback from girls who have used this barbaric way. Of course, not as flattering is not a reason to give up a luxury manicure. If it is correct to remove the paint, no problem and damage your nails, they will also remain healthy and strong.

How to remove gel coating at home?

The mistake many do?

For those who can not remove the gel coat in the cabin, you can buy the tool for removing the nail Polish, cotton pads, plastic foil and remove the nail by yourself at home. For this you need just a few steps:

The first step. Gently lubricate the skin around the nail nourishing cream, but so that he did not get to cover. This is necessary to protect the skin from dehydration.

Cotton pads and liquid Polish remover

Second step. Take the drives out of wool, in the amount of ten stuff, saturate them with tool for removing the varnish so that they become completely wet.

The third step. Take the hydrated disks and attach them on nails, press firmly to clash a cotton pad with the nail was the maximum.

The fourth step. Take small pieces of foil and wrap their fingers together with a cotton pad. First, it must be done in order to minimize the flow of air to the nail, and secondly, the cotton pads are better to stay on your toes.


A fifth step. You need to wait until the gel softens, it can be from ten to thirty minutes, everything will depend on the thickness of the coating layer and of the manufacturer. After the coating is softened, remove the foil and the discs.

The sixth step. Take the orange stick and gently remove coating residue, but in most cases it is removed together with the pad.

Gel Polish is removed

Seventh step. After the dismissal of the nail plate gel, wash your hands thoroughly and lubricate them with a nourishing cream. In order for the nails recovered faster, RUB them with oil solution of vitamin A and Is.

Recommendations for nail

It is not recommended to use the gel Polish to those people who have problems with the nails, for example, have some sort of deformity on them, they flake or break. You must know that after covering the nails, they will not receive oxygen and they will not be able to «breathe» this leads to the fact that the process of developing the protective layer is suspended. Also after the time of removing the coating, they will undergo greater stress, as the funds even professional nail Polish remover is very aggressive. Remember that this procedure is stressful not only for weak nails, but healthy. If you have healthy nails, but often used the gel Polish, you know that they can delaminate, break, and also it is very much impact on their growth.

The eye

Of course, if you follow fashion and regularly use the gel Polish, you need to occasionally rest your nails from him. The break has to be the same amount of time that was coated. All this time, you need to very carefully and intensively to care for the nail plate to it for this period stronger and recovered. The care should consist of taking warm baths for nails and their regular moisturizing nourishing cream.

Recommendations for nail

Another is to pay attention to the fact that some gel Polish on your nails for a long time and no need to frequently remove and apply again, thus constantly keeping your nails in a stressful condition. Constant problems with coverage depend not only on the initial condition of the nails, and also the quality of the finish and observance of all the rules of its application master. To less trauma to the nail plate regular coating and removal, it is necessary to find good masters and use quality varnish.

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