How to remove extended lashes at home

Now in Vogue, natural beauty, but small and tiny the lashes have not been canceled. Beauty has always demanded sacrifices, and rightly so. Don’t always have time to go to beauty salons not only for building but also for the removal of these same eyelashes. That is why you will certainly be useful tips on how to remove the lashes at home, without spending a lot of time, effort and without endangering their natural lashes.

how to remove eyelashes

The options are really very a lot with them and we will try to introduce you. You first need to remember that everything must be sterile, accurately and professionally. Before starting the process you should definitely read all ways of removing the eyelashes that will help you avoid trauma to your eyes.

Technology cilia removal

Preparations for the removal of mascara can take from 5 to 15 minutes, depending on the conditions in which you will start the process. You will need the presence of funds that will be saved from the eyelashes, cotton pads, mirror, good light, Scotch. At first glance it looks like a mini surgery, but nothing complicated really, no. The main thing is to relax, to get rid of the tremor in his hands and go to the removal procedure. And it is as follows:

  • Take a cotton pad and cut it into two parts. One part should have a small indentation. With the help of it we can precisely place the cotton swab on the top line the entire eye. This will help to protect the skin around the eyes from contact with irritating means.
  • Received a cotton pad should be gently applied to the eye level of the lower eyelid. Secure all with tape so that the protective cushion is kept, do not let your movements and do not distract from the serious process.
  • Pull the eyelid down. It is best to close your eyes, that the procedure was safer. This process is very important, because the removal needs to be extremely artificial lashes.
  • Apply onto a cotton swab and drag on the line extension hair. Soak it a while, which is spelled out in the instructions means.
  • After that, gently grasp the hair extensions, they should stay in your hand. If not, then a free process need more time. In any case, can be forced to remove the extended eyelashes, because you can damage your. With the right process, they are removed from one gentle touch.

removing eyelashes at home

Today it is possible to note quite a number of different means, which differ from each other. For example, if the eyelashes have been extended with the help of a cosmetic resin, to remove them will only be using the funds purchased at the pharmacy. Here are a few ways of removing the eyelash in the home that are sure to be useful to you and necessary.

The removal using castor oil

This rather informal way of getting rid of the eyelashes, but it is the most secure and fast way. You can understand that the tool is really effective, and as an experiment to try. To do this:

  • To steam the face over a bowl of hot steam, in that case your eyelashes will be better to resist the withdrawal.
  • Soaked a cotton swab in the oil and apply on the upper eyelashes. Ensure that it does not hit you in the eye, because it can result in unpleasant irritation.
  • Then take a cotton ball and again drop it in the oil. Hold them at the roots, waiting until they will be free to pull away. At the end of procedure, remove any remains of oils from the eyes with tissue paper.

Remove the lashes yourself

Removal of eyelashes with Demanderai

It’s kind of the solvent, which quite aggressively affects the eyelids and eyes, it has an odor reminiscent of acetone. It is sold in the pharmacy.

  • Protect your eyes and ensure his safety.
  • Take a cotton pad, saturate it with a solution and slide on the upper edge of the eyelashes.
  • Movements start from the outer corner with small movements. The tool will dissolve within 3-4 minutes.
  • The removed hairs get clean hands, and again slide the tool to remove the remaining lashes.
  • Wash with warm water.

The technique of removing eyelashes

That’s all, just 20-30 minutes and you will be free from corrupted of your lashes at home and completely free. To spend the money only have the means, because the cotton pads and sticks is a cosmetics that is certainly present in every home. A few minutes of patience and you will have a good, healthy and natural lashes that will attract attention and create you a beautiful appearance.

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