How to remove double chin at home

The second chin is a nuisance, disturbing millions of people. The defect appears due to accumulation of excess fats on the face. Over time they begin to SAG, thus spoiling the attractiveness. So it’s understandable why many people are looking for a way to remove double chin at home.

How to remove double chin at home

The presence of a sagging chin does not indicate that a person is tormented by excess weight. Such trouble can be triggered by certain hereditary abnormalities, and changes the condition of the skin. This result have different diseases. Whatever the reason, you need to know how to quickly remove double chin. Some people decide to radically deal with this problem. They turn to plastic surgeons who during surgery to eliminate the defect appeared. But this is not mandatory. To remove unwanted fat deposits in the face can simple exercises and proper self-massage. Costs more details to get acquainted with these ways.

Remove double chin physical exercises

The easiest way to try to remove double chin with exercise. Facial exercises are very effective in eliminating this problem. It has developed a series of simple exercises the regular repetition of which gives excellent results. After a couple of weeks the problem will disappear by itself. And after a month of regular exercise you from troubles will not be over.

remove double chin


Be sure to get acquainted with such effective exercises that completely removes sagging chin:

  • Plug imagination and imagine that on the chin is very heavy weight. It is important in any way to raise it. To do this, gently tilt head back. The exercise is done at a slow pace. After the head returns to normal position. You need to repeat this action about five times.
  • Walk placed on the head with a book is good not only for posture, but also to solve problems with the chin. Every day for about 10 minutes, you have to walk around the house with a medium-heavy book. Don’t rush it. Steps should be careful and not too fast.
  • Exercises that involve language, is also effective in this case. You need to put that part of our body and try to reach the tip of the nose. After you need to repeat the motion only in the direction of the chin. In addition, you should try to make the language «eight», a little tongue out of his mouth, that was easy to carry out exercises.
  • You can now support your own fists lower part of the head. Next, you should try as much as possible to lower it down. Fists will be a hindrance and will cause the muscles of the front part of the good strain.
  • A good result will show regular turns to head in different directions.
  • Comfortably seated on a flat couch or bed, you need to throw your hands behind your head. With tremendous effort, you should try to tear it from the surface. The eyes should look at the toes. When performing exercises tension must arise in the whole body. If it starts to be covered with lead. Such exercises repeat ten times. Within one minute you must stay in the above-described position.

These exercises facial gymnastics is enough. The main thing is to perform them regularly and correctly, that from them emerged a positive result.

Remove double chin massage

To increase the effectiveness of facial gymnastics, it is necessary to Supplement it with a quality massage. It helps to improve blood circulation and increase metabolism slowed down. Due to this accelerated the process of losing weight, the fat starts to dissolve and go away a second chin.

Remove double chin massage

Optional spent on the services of a professional. A facial massage may be really performed by yourself at home. To do this, perform the following steps:

  • On the subject area applied for massage. You are allowed to use honey or a decoction of rose water.
  • Gently your fingers are smoothing movements towards the ears from the middle of the chin.
  • Now you can start to tap fingers on the skin in the above direction.
  • To achieve quick results should be slightly to pinch the skin.
  • Finally it should bruise his chin as if in his hands was an ordinary piece of dough.
  • Massage ends in the usual stroking.

Self-massage is recommended to do every day for about one month. It is best done after exercise to give the skin a little to relax and unwind after a busy day. Self-massage is often advised to use as a preventive measure against the appearance of double chin.

Treatment mask against a second chin

In addition to the exercises and self-massage you can do special treatment mask that speed up the breakdown of unwanted fat in the chin area. And do not have extra time to spend your finances on expensive cosmetics. Because such masks are easy to make at home from readily available ingredients.

Treatment mask against a second chin

  • Mask with yeast. For its preparation should be mixed a tablespoon of this product with a little bit of warm milk. You should get a thick paste, which is applied to the problematic part of the face.
  • Mask of potatoes. In the prepared mash you need to add a bit of honey and warm milk.
  • The clay mask. A portion of black clay (3 tablespoons) mix with a small amount of warm water. The end result should be a mushy consistency. You can replace the main ingredient with clay of a different color, preferably white.
  • Mask with lemon. Citrus juice (1 tablespoon) diluted in water (250 g). Here and also add common salt (approximately 1 tablespoon). If you wish, you can replace the ingredient Apple cider vinegar.

easy to get rid of chin

You can choose any of the offered masks and do it constantly or try to alternate with others. Cosmetic procedure it is recommended to do after a massage. It is important that during the application of the mask were warm. So she will begin to act. Keep it to about 10-15 minutes.

The first manifestation of the disturbing symptoms that indicate the occurrence of double chin, you should start to actively fight against it. After the initial stages to cope with the problem much easier than trying to remove the facial defect, which a man is tormented over the years.

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