How to remove belly fat?

Clubs, alcohol, cigarettes, various harmful habits began to slowly lose its popularity. One fashion is the opposite – the healthy way of life. More and more people want to know how to eliminate belly fat, how to lose weight fast, build muscle, to pump up the buttocks and more.

how to remove belly fat

The basics of weight loss

Belly fat is present in almost every person, unless he is a professional athlete, although in this kind of environment is found. Increase folds very easily, it can be done in an astonishingly short time, but to get incredibly difficult.

Difficult, but not impossible. For starters, it is important to understand that this is a long process. And in order that the fat is not returned, will have to give up many things to completely revise your diet and physical activity. Before you begin, you need to ask yourself a question – are you willing to give up many favourite things? Ready to do what is not to like? If the answer is Yes, then you can safely go in the way to slim the stomach.

In order to change its shape, you need to work in two main areas: nutrition and exercise.

a healthy lifestyle


As often with this question to hear «drink more water!». And this is true. Water improves the General condition of the body, cleans it, reduces the desire to eat, helps to feel satiety. First you need to take into a habit to carry water.

It is clear that to remove fat not work without proper nutrition. Probably many already understand that their diet is unnecessary, but I can’t give it up. However, there are common mistakes.

The first myth – diet products

diet products

Most of them really are not diet. The composition may be sugar, various dyes and other harmful substances. Read the ingredients list – the only way to make correct diet.

The second myth – medications

diet pills

No magic pills that can destroy the fat does not exist. Tablets or no effect at all or will harm the body, especially metabolism. No tea for weight loss won’t work if you take them a cake.

The third myth – the less the better

diet and fasting

Despite the apparent logic, hunger is the enemy of weight loss. First, the long fasting will not work. Or a serious disease from lack of food, or simply fail, and people will get all what did not, and even a lot more.

In addition to this, the feeling of hunger by itself, prevents fat burning. The body, experiencing shortages of food, begins to lay the lipids as a reserve.


In the matter of exercise it is important to realize that to lose weight only in a certain place it is impossible. You need to eliminate it from the body. The only way it happens. The fat goes everywhere, not just those areas on which we are working. It is best to carry out a comprehensive workout for all muscle groups. In this aspect, incidentally, also have their own myths.

The first myth – to lose weight you need cardio-load

So, endurance exercise really promote weight loss more than power. However, the more the body’s muscles, the easier it is to lose fat. The best shape can be achieved through a combination of cardio and weight training.

The second myth – weights make a woman into a man

Even if a woman will very much want to build as much muscle as there are hunky men, she fails to do so. At least, if her hormonal system is in order. For the muscles in men responsible testosterone, and in women it is too little in order to develop powerful muscles. This is only possible with the help of different additives like steroids.

The third myth is the standard lift to 90 degrees is sufficient

One way to swing a press that was taught in school is just the opportunity to work out a single muscle group. For normal press also need to work all of his muscles, and back muscles. All the more reason to carry out a comprehensive workout and are not concentrated on the belly.

how to remove belly fat

How to remove belly fat?

To summarize, there are three main rules.

  1. You need to constantly eat right.
  2. Regularly spend time on physical exercise.
  3. Don’t stop and never surrender, to constantly maintain your healthy lifestyle.

The process of eliminating abdominal fat is long and difficult, but anything is possible if you strive.

Pres of Nakatani

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