How to remove belly fat after childbirth

After pregnancy, a woman becomes not only infinite happiness in the form of a small child, but also problems with sagging belly. No need to despair even if before pregnancy you had a beautiful and slender figure. All this is natural, and from the problems of sagging belly can be gotten rid of. Let’s look at how to remove belly fat after childbirth, using a variety of effective methods.

how to remove belly fat

First and foremost it is worth noting that at the time of pregnancy there is a serious hormonal changes, which is why women are rapidly gaining weight. One could just a few months to come into shape, and others have years to work on myself to bring the muscles and finally to return to a slender shape. The process of accumulation of fat each woman is individually, that is why the process of getting rid of it, too, has its differences.

Methods of getting rid of saggy belly

To quickly get rid of saggy belly, it is necessary to use all methods in combination. The first is to enter in to your schedule physical exercises in the first phase they should be without the additional weight. In the second place power, it must be balanced and rational. In the first months of young moms can’t eat all the right foods for weight loss because you continue to saturate the nutrients not only your body, but also the child’s body. Talking about nutrition can in a few months after birth, when the child is less dependent on maternal milk.

belly after childbirth

It is necessary to include in your diet fiber, meat and fish. Dairy products, flour and sugar products leave on the best of times. In addition to proper nutrition, it is necessary to pay attention to a variety of procedures such as:

  • Lymphatic drainage massage is a unique method of getting rid of excess weight and flabby belly after giving birth. Its advantages are that it can be used at the time of feeding the baby’s chest.
  • Wraps. It is necessary to pay attention thalassotherapy. This procedure is performed in sea water with addition of different therapeutic muds. The method can be used after a few months after birth.
  • Cellulite massage – an opportunity to work out all problem areas. Is permitted after the end of breastfeeding.

Remove the stomach without the stress

A good and effective method today are different corsets or bandages. They can be used from the first day of childbirth, have stress on the abdominal muscles, thereby tightening them, and weak muscles provide maximum support. Alternative to bandages can be conventional tying, it will help the uterine contractions, the muscle corset.

remove the lower abdomen

This method will help you to bring your figure in proper condition, but also to get rid of the problems quickly, efficiently, without resorting to strenuous physical activity and plastic surgery.

Remove the stomach at home

To get rid of extra pounds after childbirth want all young moms, and the sooner this happens, the more confident they will feel. It is not always possible to leave the baby in the family or husband to go to the gym and exercise for all muscle groups. If you are faced with this problem, is not it a time and a place for despair. Today, you can easily do at home.

exercises for abdominal muscles

There are many exercises that help to restore the stomach quickly and without pain. It is worth noting that in the early stages exercises should be performed at a slow pace, in a sparing mode, not more than 15 minutes a day. Then load the pace and duration needs to be increased. All the exercises can be divided into 4 classes:

  • Exercises that focused exclusively on the torso. These include the various pan, tilt, circular movements of the pelvis. The legs are in a wide stance and exercise can not be. All these exercises are aimed at strengthening the abdominal muscles.
  • Exercises for the legs. This can be squats, lifting and lowering of the legs, leg swings.
  • At the same time the work included the legs and torso.
  • The cross-work of legs and trunk. All the exercises involve lateral surfaces of the abdominal cavity.

At the time of training you can still use the jump rope, dumbbells small weight, gym ring, exercise ball. Any physical activity performed with the maximum amplitude, reps and intensity, soon will give good results, save you from the problems of sagging belly.

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