How to remove bags under eyes at home

Bags under the eyes significantly worsen the appearance of both men and women. And if the bags under the eyes have gained a permanent residence permit, you need to deal with them. But first you need to determine the cause of their appearance, and then eliminate it.

bags under the eyes

Causes of

Cause of bags under the eyes can be one or more of the following:

  • Genetic predisposition.
  • Problems with heart and kidneys.
  • Age.
  • Excess or lack of fluid.
  • Chronic lack of sleep and fatigue.
  • The abuse of alcohol.
  • A sedentary way of life.
  • Smoking.
  • Poor nutrition.

The appearance of bags under the eyes in a child or adolescent is most likely due to a genetic tendency to the widening of the periorbital tissue. Unfortunately, if there is a genetic predisposition to get rid of bags under eyes is possible only surgically. Tissue, protects eyeball, grows and turns into an ugly hernia. To get rid of them yourself will not work, so if the bags under his eyes bring a lot of trouble, you should seek surgical assistance.

the emergence of bags under the eyes

Chronic renal failure, problems with the cardiovascular system can also cause bags under the eyes. Independently to diagnose and impossible to cure, so it is best to pass the examination, and then to fight the bags under the eyes.

Age-related changes also contribute to the formation of bags because age deteriorates the elasticity of the tissues that leads to sagging of the fatty tissue. These bags are visible and in the morning after waking and throughout the day.

Chronic fatigue, lack of sleep is still not decorated or one person. And if the cause of bags in this, that in the course of going cosmetic and home remedies to combat them. It is not strange, but a sedentary lifestyle also contributes to the appearance of bags under the eyes – simple, so is the lymph. And this can be dealt with independently. Poor nutrition, lack of vitamins and minerals is manifested in appearance and suggests that it is necessary to take action.

Home remedies against bags under the eyes

Best to start with nutrition, designed to combat bags. To do this, take a rule every day to eat a couple medium apples – they contain pectin, which absorb and remove toxins, harmful substances, excess fluid. In addition, fiber improves intestinal tract, which also significantly improves appearance. Almost works in the same way oatmeal. A hundred grams of oatmeal daily, and in the body stabiliziruemost level of salt, toxins and water. Excess fluid, as well as its disadvantage, contribute to the emergence of bags under the eyes.

bags under the eyes girls

You need to correctly calculate the amount of water needed by the body depending on the weight that’s the problem with the amount of liquid. But if water is already not want to watch, or Vice versa – it is evening and thirsty, you need to remember about cucumbers. Two cucumber substitute a glass of water enrich the body with all the minerals and no bags under the eyes in the morning. Excess water from the body derive well-dried fruits – dried apricots, raisins, prunes. A handful of dried fruit to your morning oatmeal or afternoon snacks will balance the amount of water in the body. To disperse the lymph and to withdraw excess water from the tissues will help green tea with ginger. In the fight with the extra liquid will help the yogurt and cranberry juice. A week and a half of the ordered power to be noticeable on the face.

especially bags under the eyes

To deal with the bags must not only through proper nutrition. Here can be referred to as home remedies and for cosmetic and medical. The house is always at least one means for quick combat bags.

  • Cold wash immediately after waking up. Ideally, start the morning with wiping the area around the eyes cubes of water or herbal teas (chamomile, succession, tea, marigold, mint, parsley). Ice speeds the blood flow, helping the fluid to leave the problem area.
  • Tea – you can use any loose tea and tea bags, black and green. In strong warm tea of green tea is best, soak cotton pads and apply to the eyes. You can brew tea bags and put the wet bags. Besides tonic effect on the area where there are bags, the tea will relieve the inflammation of the eye, returning them Shine.
  • Slice of cucumber or potatoes from the fridge to put on for 10 minutes on closed eyelids. This will reduce inflammation, lighten the skin around the eyes. After the time to wash and apply on the area around the eyes a special cream with herbs: horsetail, parsley, series, sage.
  • Cold spoons – cold, as you know, contributes to the narrowing of blood vessels, tones and tightens the skin in the problem area. Four spoons to put in a glass with cold water and ice. When they cooled down, two spoons applied to the eyes, repeating the contour of the eye. Once they heat up, take the other spoon out of the Cup and warm again placed in the beaker.
  • Milk with ice also does wonders with thin skin around the eyes. It is necessary to repeatedly apply cotton pads with cold compress.

the causes of bags under the eyes

To avoid the appearance of puffiness under the eyes in the evening to hold a session of aromatherapy using ginger or walnut essential oil. Not be amiss to smear for the night the problem area around the eye cream with vitamin E, an extract of parsley. Special creams for the eye area contains active substances that stimulate blood circulation and increase muscle tone, have a cooling and whitening effect.

How to prevent the appearance of bags under the eyes can be carried out special exercises for the eyes, which will help to keep the muscles in proper tone. In fact, some exercises can be done anywhere, not excluding transportation, and at any time:

  • Turns very narrow eyes and very wide to reveal them.
  • Led eyes can be closed, left and right, up and down, to describe a figure eight in a horizontal and vertical plane.
  • A few times quickly to blink, and then heavily closing her eyes.
  • When working at the computer forcibly blinking moisturizes the eye surface, and occasionally to translate a look at a very distant point, relaxing the muscle.

fight against bags under the eyes

Modern beauty salons and aesthetic centers offer a lot of procedures that help to get rid of bags under the eyes. These include electrical stimulation current of low frequency, resulting in muscle aktiviziruyutsya and bags disappear. Mesotherapy allows you to remove the bags under the supervision of a specialist with a special injection. Actions of this treatment are visible after some time. The salon can offer the same hardware or manual lymph drainage on the face. To achieve the desired result will require 7 to 10 sessions. Normal operation blepharoplasty allows you to display the entire excess fat from the face, including the eye area. The operation of the ordinary, but still it’s surgery on the face and trust you need proven professionals. But blepharoplasty by laser, it is also laser resurfacing will be a great replacement operations with the same result.

Ways to combat bags under the eyes there are many, and to effectively deal with them you should understand why, to lead a healthy lifestyle.

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